Leading retailer Pick n Pay’s Spring Survey found that 62% of South Africans consider themselves adventurous cooks, with 48% citing locally sourced ingredients as essential. More than two thirds said they go for seasonal produce, seeing it as a healthier and more affordable option. Recognising this, Pick n Pay has completely revamped its fresh offering, from its bakery to its butchery range – with a special focus on the braai, of course. 

Nicki Russell, Head: Product & Quality at Pick n Pay, says, “We know that our customers love to support local. Our survey also showed that 79% of people prefer to cook from scratch. South Africans are all about food and family, and we’ve reinvented our fresh offering to bring people together with the best of spring bounty. We want our country of adventurous cooks to have all the exceptional local ingredients they need to make magic, whether it’s a kuier in the kitchen or around the braai.”

Unsurprisingly, South Africans ranked a braai as the number one essential for any spring feast. Russell adds, “Our survey showed this is the season where people move to lighter, brighter dishes, with an emphasis on ‘fancy salads’, special dressings and marinades, and different cuts of meat. We’re matching people’s adventurous eating with adventurous new products in our ‘Let’s Cook Braai’ range, from bacon kebabs to myriad marinades and sauces, not to mention roosterkoek – a spring braai staple.”

85% of South Africans said they love to try new recipes. This also indicates a hunger for fresh, unusual ingredients to elevate any occasion. Russell adds, “This year, we’re all about championing innovation, so we’ve added a new range of craft tomatoes and peppers, with home-grown heritage varietals, from our tomato medley and shishito peppers, to poblano stuffing- and sweet Palermo peppers. Wok cucumbers are another special addition to fuel maximal kitchen creativity.”

Pick n Pay customers said they’re most looking forward to outdoor gatherings, and breakfast and brunch dates as the weather warms up. Russell says, “We’ve reinvented our fresh bakery range to offer the most delicious and beautifully packaged treats, from the sprinkles traybake to the salted caramel bar cake. Our customers said they’re looking forward to spring sweet treats, and we’re here to deliver!”

South Africans are clearly excited to get adventurous in the kitchen this spring with fresh, seasonal, home-grown produce. Seeing this, Pick n Pay now has the very widest – and most adventurous – selection of bakery, butchery and grocery lines to cater to all cravings.

Visit your nearest Pick n Pay store today to discover a world of freshness and inspiration for your springtime culinary adventures.

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