For the forward-thinkers, multitasking marvels, and style-conscious scholars! We’re on the verge of introducing a game-changer that promises to transform your work and study space into a hub of modern productivity. Brace yourselves for the Logitech Pebble 2 Combo!

Capable of wirelessly pairing with three different devices, this dynamic duo comprises the all-new Pebble Keys 2 K380s keyboard and the sleek Pebble Mouse 2 M350s. Both come with a battery life that can last upward of two years and weigh 451g and 76g respectively.  The Pebble 2 keyboard and mouse can easily switch between their three paired devices thanks to the Easy-Switch button which lift between Bluetooth connected devices with a click. Suitable for both Mac OS and PC, the pair comes with a dedicated layout for Mac that allows users to use Fn shortcut keys to screen capture, bring up the emoji menu, use voice dictation and adjust brightness levels if you have a MacBook, iMac, or Apple Studio Display.

The Pebble Mouse 2 M350s is a portable mouse featuring a thin, lightweight design and a round pebble shape that fits naturally in the palm of your hand. With Silent Touch technology that suppresses 90% of click noise, you’ll be able to work anywhere without disturbing anyone. Users can also customise the middle mouse button with Logi Options+ App to assign shortcuts to their favourite applications, like WhatsApp or Spotify, or to perform daily actions like showing/hiding the desktop and more. All of this is achieved without breaking the bank, making the Pebble 2 Combo perfect for students and those who still want to look good while they get their work done. The pair also come in a range of chic tonal colours that compliment your style effortlessly.

Over the years Logitech has taken incredible strides to ensure their products meet the highest sustainability standards possible. The Pebble 2 Combo is designed with you and the environment in mind meaning each of these peripherals is expertly crafted using a minimum of 49% recycled plastic. They are also proudly certified carbon neutral and arrive at your doorstep in responsibly sourced packaging. Logitech’s commitment to sustainability doesn’t end there – key plastic parts are made from certified post-consumer recycled plastic, meaning your choice helps make a difference.

“Logitech takes pride in its identity as an innovative brand, consistently pushing the boundaries of design to create dynamic yet practical solutions that redefine the industry. The Logitech Pebble 2 Combo is a testament to this ethos, effortlessly elevating your workspace with a touch of style and sophistication,” says Theresa Relihan Head of Marketing at Logitech Sub-Saharan Africa

The Pebble 2 Combo all-in-one workspace solution is available for R1,499.00. The products can also be sold separately at the following recommended retail prices:

Pebble Keys 2 K380s: R999

Pebble Mouse 2 M350s: R599

This flexibility empowers you to curate a workspace that suits your specific needs.

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