South Africa’s leading tile company, CTM, has this week announced a groundbreaking collaboration with award-winning fashion designer and cultural icon Thabo Makhetha-Kwinana. 

Embodying the perfect fusion of style and timelessness, this innovative partnership brings together fashion and tile design, with the result being a stunning range of fashion-inspired tiles launching under the “Designers at CTM” brand.

Celebrated for her Kobo collections, inspired by her Basotho heritage, Makhetha-Kwinana’s work has turned the Basotho blankets from a traditional symbol to an enduring global fashion trend. Makhetha-Kwinana now brings her unique creative flair and insight to the world of tile design. 

“This partnership with CTM is only the start of our journey, a journey that will see South Africans able to transform their living spaces into works of art,” says Makhetha-Kwinana, who earlier this year was unveiled as an Artist in Residence at the prestigious Iziko South African National Gallery. Known for her creativity and innovation, Makhetha-Kwinana became the first artist in the gallery’s 150 year history to showcase an Augmented Reality art-piece.

“This is a perfect pairing of fashion meeting functionality, with the heart of South African creativity shining through in every tile. I am so proud of the limited-edition tile collection we have created together, bringing bold African beauty into our living spaces” she says.

Together, CTM and Makhetha-Kwinana are showcasing the power of proudly South African innovation and craftsmanship, manufacturing these exquisite tiles locally in CTM’s world-class factories. 

“With her eye for intricate details and her innate sense of blending culture and heritage, Thabo Makhetha-Kwinana is set to revolutionise the way we perceive tiles. Anticipation is mounting, and we cannot wait to offer our customers access to this limited-edition bespoke offering,” says Lance Foxcroft, CEO of Italtile Limited.

With 2023 marking CTM’s 40th birthday, this partnership will further entrench this proudly South African brand’s support for local talent, turning houses into homes, and turning homes into masterpieces.

For the past 40 years, CTM has recognised the unique tastes and desires of customers, with this collaboration now enabling South Africans to incorporate Makhetha-Kwinana’s globally recognised cultural inspired designs into their most precious spaces. 

“Designers at CTM” will be available nationally in store from 12th October 2023

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