As South Africans, we’re convinced we have run out of time for pretty much everything. When it comes to holidays, time-off, staff appreciation parties, self-celebration – it’s the South African you’ll often hear say they ‘just couldn’t get to it’. As one of the hardest working nations on the planet (listed as the fifth hardest working country in the world!) – a South African’s default is often seeped in the excusal-and-refusal response; mainly because we are too tired to make decisions and too wired to turn our attention to anything that does not involve more coffee, or another Whatsapp message from the school.

Mostly however, we excuse and refuse the finer things in life because somewhere deep down, an A-type nation such as ours, might not believe in the worthiness of the break, the royal treatment or the dream vacation. How wrong we are. With 85% of C-suite South Africans working more than 45-50 hours per week, there is very little headspace left to plan or think up staff incentives or family holidays, let alone ones that could trump the books.

Enter Buccara. 

In the heart of the Garden Route, where nature’s canvas meets luxury’s embrace, lies a realm of opulence and exclusivity: South Africa’s best kept and unhurried escape, for busy people everywhere. Just beyond the Knysna Forest walls, along the golden Noetzie Beach, you will find a private cove of castle villas, blessed by barefoot elegance. This is Buccara – a sanctuary for the tired, the wired, and the world-class citizen. It’s dreamy, it’s insatiable, it’s a South African heritage site, and it’s what every team, family and curious traveller ultimately deserves. 

Reigning supreme across a bay of private beach, four Noetzie Castles stand to attention: Lindsay, Pezula, Honeymoon and Craighross. Perched on the edge of the Noetzie Beach, the Buccara Knysna Castles offer breathtaking panoramic views of the ocean and the surrounding wilderness. Each with their own unique style and grace, the castles accommodate up to 12 guests, with their own private entrance and living and entertainment facilities.

Gerhard Erasmus, CEO of Buccara says: “As a South African-led vacation retreat, we know the value of a holiday, especially for South Africans, which is why we built our villas with the successful South African in mind.” 

Buccara aims to meet the physical and emotional needs of tenacious CEOs, who work hard for their people and their family; for the aspirant South African employee that saves all year to achieve the most memorable vacation experience for their family; for the unsettled business mind that never switches off, and seeks an escape from the always-on life. “This is the hallmark of Buccara – a hideaway for South Africa, where even our premium economy holidaymakers can replace performance with the pause,” says Erasmus. 

“The human experience is central to our Buccara ethos. Together with our guests, we dream up the most wonderful experiences that reunite families, teams and couples. With the freedom to explore our natural surrounds and enjoy outdoor luxury at every disposal, there remain only two goals on our guests’ agenda: human connection and relaxation,” says Erasmus.

With its penchant for the ‘well-deserved’ life, Buccara is sounding its trumpet for locals to take advantage of the holiday of a lifetime with its per room discount package. South Africans can expect a combination of exceptional luxury and barefoot living, in a catered-for or self-catered castle suite; ideal for a group of friends, families and executives looking to retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Imagine a space of repose and recuperation; a gesture of team recognition and reward; a mental and magical escape set against a backdrop of rugged ochre rock and thundering breakers. For your upcoming 2024 company incentive, awards ceremony, or bucket-list family vacation, Buccara is the idyllic montage that transcends the local holiday – and the local excuse too.

For more information about Buccara and to make a booking, contact the reservations team at info@buccara.co.za  or +27 74 523 2067. Website: www.buccara.com

Exclusive SA Promotion: Delivering on its promise of 5-Star villa residencies, white-glove service, curated excursions and the ultimate in barefoot sophistication, Buccara presents South Africans with a 2023/2024 Exclusive ‘South African’ promotion, reducing its rack rates for South African Residents only. From October 2023, all SA travellers get a chance to toss the excuse and turn their getaways into an unforgettable reality. Plus – the fact that the bay has been the site of an 1800’s 3-masted French schooner shipwreck, is added reason to bring the kids along.   

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