KITKAT South Africa is delighted to announce that they are the exclusive chocolate partner to one of South Africa’s most anticipated music festivals, Hey Neighbour, set to connect attendees through immersive experiences that recharge their souls and give them a chance to reconnect with themselves, humanity, and the world, much like “Having a break” with KITKAT.

The KITKAT booth was a huge success at the media launch event with innovative installations which included a swing where guests were reminded to #TeckAbreak and snap a photo to get their hands on a funky bucket hat. The biggest highlight was a curated experience, allowing guests to customise their KITKAT bars, crafted by chocolatiers. These were transformed into works of art and embellished with sparkly elements that elevated the fingers and were then packaged in unique boxes that featured a one-of-a-kind fashion sketch of their outfits, illustrated by talented artists.

Guests loved having the opportunity to customise their own KITKAT bars and to take home a unique souvenir. Personalising KITKAT bars is a fun and delicious way to express your personal style and the brand wanted to sneak-preview elements which will be on offer to festivalgoers.

KITKAT is offering South Africans a chance to attend the festival by winning 50 double VIP Tickets valued at R10, 398.00. All you have to do is.

  1. Buy any 3 KITKAT.
  2. WhatsApp “Hi” to 0648054825
  3. Stand a chance to win 2 of 100 Tickets to the festival.

Hey Neighbour Music Festival will take place from 8-10 December 2023 at Rhino Park in Pretoria. Go to @kitkatsa on X and @kitkatsouthafrica on Instagram for more exciting updates.  Tickets are on sale now at Ticketpro.

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