Three Little Birds is a moving and life-affirming six-part drama series exploring untold stories of love, sisterhood and friendship. Sisters Leah (Rochelle Neil – The Nevers, Guilt), Chantrelle (Saffron Coomber – Small Axe, C.B. Strike) and their pious friend Hosanna (played by newcomer Yazmin Belo) are lured to England on the promise of lucrative employment options and “streets paved with gold” by their older brother Aston (Javone Prince – Dodger, Phone Shop).  
Leaving the blue skies of Jamaica to make new lives for themselves in the “Mother Country”, these three spirited young women face the challenges and daily struggles with grit and determination, and find ways to counter the cold, grey, harsh and painful reception that greets them. They instead find joy, laughter, love and staying power. This is a warm-hearted, heartfelt and triumphant celebration of 1950s life and community spirit as lived and experienced by the Jamaican community. 
Three Little Birds is created and written by Sir Lenny Henry, and inspired by his mother’s journey from Clarendon in Jamaica, to Dudley, West Midlands. He developed the series with Russell T Davies, who serves as executive producer. 
Lenny Henry’s Windrush drama is a triumph … This story pulls no punches in showing the ugly truth of this immigrant story, inspired by his own mother’s experiences.” – Evening Standard 

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