L’Oréal Paris South Africa proudly announces its partnership with South African Fashion Week as the official makeup and beauty sponsor for the upcoming April and October editions of the renowned fashion event. Under the theme “Walk Your Worth,” L’Oréal Paris will showcase its expertise in makeup and skincare, bringing sophistication and empowerment to the local runway.
The collaboration between L’Oréal Paris and South African Fashion Week marks a historic moment as it signifies one of the largest local fashion events ever sponsored by the esteemed beauty brand. Set against Johannesburg’s bustling business district backdrop, Mall of Africa will host this celebration of beauty and fashion, where L’Oréal Paris will join forces with South African designers to present stunning looks that embody confidence and inclusivity.
As part of the “Walk Your Worth” initiative, L’Oréal Paris will introduce its very own “Walk Your Worth” runway show and collection, curated in collaboration with distinguished South African couture designer, Biji La Maison. This exclusive collection will be showcased by L’Oréal Paris’ tribe of top influencers and celebrities in South Africa, highlighting the fusion of local creativity with global beauty expertise. Drawing from the brand’s iconic tagline, “Because You’re Worth It,” the runway show will empower women to assert their presence and make a bold statement in society.
Burkhard Pieroth, President of Sub-Saharan Africa for L’Oréal Paris, emphasised the impact of this partnership on the fashion industry, stating, “This extraordinary collaboration will amplify the message of women’s strength and celebrate beauty in all its forms.”
L’Oréal Paris South Africa looks forward to witnessing the magic unfold at the “Walk Your Worth” runway show during South African Fashion Week in April and October 2024.

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