Easter season is around the corner, and many South Africans will be setting forth on a well-deserved break. There’s no doubt that ‘Saffers’ have a deep spirit of adventure and we’ll see a large number traveling internationally – which makes travel insurance something to keep in mind!

Sanlam’s preferred healthcare providers, Bonitas and Fedhealth suggest that travel medical insurance is the undercover superhero of the holiday season, saving holidaymakers from the stress and potentially exorbitant expense of unexpected curveballs while they’re away. Many insurers and banks offer free international travel insurance. It’s important for those planning to go away to activate their policy in advance and to read the fine print of what’s included – carefully! It may well be worth topping up depending on your plans and budget.

Bonitas offers its members free travel insurance when out the borders which comes with cover for medical emergencies such as medical repatriation, evacuation and transportation – a consideration often not considered when entering a country that’s new territory. Fedhealth adds that travel insurance could save you hundreds and thousands of rands. It’s a smart, responsible way to be protected and have peace of mind while you’re off living your best life.

Why Travel Medical Insurance is the Holiday MVP:

  1. Dodge the Unexpected Plot Twists: Each holiday season is all about good surprises, but not when it comes to unexpected health hiccups. Travel medical insurance could swoop in and save the day in case of any sudden illnesses or unplanned acrobatics.
  2. Global Galore: Whether you’re sipping cocoa in the Alps or catching some rays on a tropical beach, travel medical insurance is your global sidekick. Wherever you roam, rest easy knowing you have a safety net, offering a superhero-worthy shield against unforeseen health villains.
  3. Fight financial stresses: Medical surprises abroad can sometimes feel like an unexpected plot twist in a blockbuster movie – expensive. Travel insurance can help cover medical costs to alleviate some of the financial burden when health issues arise.
  4. Access to Quality Healthcare: Travel medical insurance grants access to quality healthcare facilities and providers, especially in countries with limited healthcare infrastructure.
  5. Repatriation Coverage: It may cover the costs of repatriation, the process of transporting you back to your home country if you require medical care that cannot be adequately provided at your destination.

Choosing Your Heroic Holiday Sidekick:

Many medical schemes offer travel insurance as part of their benefits but its best to read through this carefully to understand exactly what is covered.

Free cover is almost always capped at a specific amount, which usually includes hospital costs, repatriation and compassionate emergency visits. Be sure to always read the fine print. Injuries related to winter sports are common exclusions and cover may be capped at a lower amount in some countries compared to others. 

Depending on your needs and holiday plans, you may also want to top up cover to ensure it includes permanent disablement or pre-existing conditions. Think about what you can afford and the kind of cover you need and pick your policy accordingly.

Ask yourself: How long you need cover for (many plans extend cover for up to 45 days), where you’re going, what activities you’re planning on doing, how costly and accessible medical care is in your holiday destination, whether you need cover for a pre-existing condition, and if you want access to a 24/7 emergency assistance hotline.

Travelling without travel medical insurance can leave you vulnerable to significant financial burdens in case of a medical emergency. Protect your well-being and ensure a stress-free and memorable travel experience by activating your travel medical insurance before you set off on your adventure.

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