Jacaranda FM and its world-class News Department have created an election podcast to help Mzansi navigate some of the critical issues that will shape the future trajectory of the country. Voting in this years’ elections is a fundamental way for citizens to influence government policies, hold leaders accountable, and ensure that their voices are heard in the democratic process.

In this special limited podcast series, the Jacaranda FM News team delves into the story of South Africa’s 2024 elections. Listeners can gain insights into key issues, including the unprecedented use of three ballot papers and the challenges faced by first-time voters.

The nation returns to the polls on May 29th, three decades after the historic vote that ushered in a new era of political and social change. These elections are being described as the most unpredictable in the post-apartheid era, with the potential to become a defining moment for South Africa.

“Trust in politics and politicians – and I dare say democracy – is at an all-time low worldwide. Even in South Africa, 30 years into our hard-fought democracy, we expect voter turnout to drop yet again on May 29. And yet, our and our children’s futures are all inextricably linked to the outcome of the polls. Democracy thrives when citizens are well-informed, and through this podcast series, the Jacaranda FM News team has tried to contextualise the situation South Africa finds itself in. We are very proud of the product, and hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we had making it,” said Kagiso Media Radio’s News Editor Marius van der Walt.

This election presents an opportunity for South Africans to address pressing issues such as economic inequality, corruption, and social justice. By participating in the electoral process, citizens can drive positive change, promote stability, and work towards a more equitable and prosperous society. But how do you know who to vote for?

The following episodes are available at Jacaranda FM, Apple, or Spotify.

Episode 1
The May 29 elections are expected to bring changes in South Africa’s political landscape. Once you step into the booth, you will also have a new way of voting. Making your mark will be a historic act in itself because it will be the first time that each voter will be handed three ballot papers. In the first episode of the limited series elections podcast, the Jacaranda FM News team explains the voting process and why we are asked to put three votes in the ballot box.

Episode 2
Making the X on the ballot on 29 May does not hold the same significance for all first-time voters. Some young people say they will protest by not voting. In the second episode of our limited-series elections podcast, the Jacaranda FM News team hears what young people think of the elections and why some feel no one is listening.  

Episode 3

The 2024 elections come as South Africans celebrate 30 years of democracy, having only ever experienced an ANC government—but patience has been wearing thin over the past few years. In the third episode of our limited serieselections podcast, the Jacaranda FM News team discusses some of the issues facing the ANC as it tries to convince voters to give it another chance on 29 May.

Episode 4
Three of South Africa’s largest provinces – Gauteng, KwaZulu Natal and the Western Cape – have emerged as key battlegrounds ahead of the 29 May general elections. In the fourth episode of our limited series elections podcast, we look at the final bid by big political parties like the ANC, DA and EFF to secure votes in the provinces forecast to deliver the tightest of results. 

Episode 5

It looks back at the past 30 years and the changing political scene—why don’t we have better representation (gender, sexuality, and age) in our political landscape?  

Episode 6

The 2024 election is not only a watershed election year in Mzansi—it’s also the year in which the world will experience the most democratic elections ever. An estimated 2 billion adults will vote in democratic countries, including America, Britain, and other countries. How do we fit into that election puzzle?

Putting your X on the ballot at this year’s elections is one of the most important civic duties we can engage in. As the nation continues to navigate through complex socio-economic challenges, the power of the vote becomes even more significant.

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