Rockets Bryanston is thrilled to announce its grand reopening, ushering in a new era of luxury dining and nightlife with a spectacular revamp. Set to rival Ibiza with its cutting-edge design and unparalleled experience, the venue is poised to maintain their renowned status as the ultimate destination for culinary delight and vibrant nightlife destination. 

A Phoenix has risen

After seven years as a beloved hotspot, Rockets Bryanston has undergone a complete transformation motivated by the desire to stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving scene. “The inspiration for this revamp was a natural progression. Over time, we noticed many similarities from new competitors in terms of the elements of our design, making it crucial for us to innovate and set ourselves apart once again.”,” says the Rockets founder and CEO Sean Barber. “Our goal was to create something unique on every floor that couldn’t be replicated, bringing Rockets into a new era.”

Three Floors of Distinct Ambiance

Rockets Bryanston boasts three distinct floors, each offering a unique ambiance that blends urban sophistication with innovative design elements. Inspired by Rockets Beach Club Umhlanga, the venue seamlessly marries elegance and modernity, creating an environment that appeals to both local and international guests.

The Top Floor: Urban Sophistication
The top floor has been redesigned to offer an ambiance that blends urban sophistication with the natural beauty of the surroundings. With influences from beach clubs and international trends, this floor features light, airy elements, providing a serene escape for diners.

The Club Floor: Extended and Enhanced
The middle “club floor” has been significantly extended, offering a state-of-the-art experience with the latest sound and audio-visual technology. The space is now 30-40% larger, featuring a 360-degree DJ booth and an 18.5m by 4m LED screen that spans the ceiling, making it the largest ceiling screen in the Southern Hemisphere. This floor is set to redefine nightlife with its cutting-edge tech and immersive atmosphere.

Rockets Media: A New Addition
One of the most thrilling additions is the cutting-edge recording studio, heralding the launch of Rockets Media. Formerly the members’ lounge, this space has undergone a remarkable transformation, blending Rockets’ contemporary design with the practicality of a professional studio. It stands as a distinctive draw for visitors, seamlessly merging Rockets’ realms of music and lifestyle. When inspiration strikes amidst flowing drinks and vibrant vibes, there’s no need to search far to capture that idea; you simply descend downstairs to manifest your creativity.

A Theatrical Culinary Experience

Accompanying the restaurant renovation is the Rockets Bryanston’s culinary offering. Their new menu, crafted under the guidance of their esteemed executive head chef Driaan Van Niekerk, is set to tantalise the senses. With an unwavering dedication to Rockets’ signature fusion of Mediterranean delights, tapas and sushi, this culinary escapade guarantees to please every palate. This new menu invites diners on an immersive gastronomic journey. Standout selections include the cherished Neapolitan-style pizzas, transformed in a state-of-the-art oven and the Rolls Royce of Tomahawk steaks, the renowned Thor’s Hammer—a 3 kg meat masterpiece. While staying true to Rockets’ culinary legacy and unwavering attention to detail, the menu introduces innovative textures, flavours and flair. With the offering of an array of 15 theatrical dishes incorporating elements of smoke, fire and ice, the dining experience reaches new heights of theatricality. Mirroring the restaurant’s enchanting ambiance, the food assures an equally enchanting voyage for all patrons.

Customer-Centric Revamp

“Customer feedback played a crucial role in shaping the revamp. ‘Our regulars were vocal about their concerns that many places looked like Rockets,’ says Sean Barber. ‘Listening to our patrons, especially those who experienced the Rockets Beach Club, was key. They emphasised the need for Bryanston to have a facelift that matched the innovation and uniqueness of the Beach Club and the Rockets brand as a whole. Our customers deserved a fresh, cutting-edge experience, and that’s exactly what we’ve delivered.'”

A Message to Our Patrons

“We’re excited to welcome you back to Rockets Bryanston. While our DNA remains the same, we’ve turbocharged our design and technology to offer an experience that rivals the best in the world. it’s Rockets 2.0—bigger, better and bolder. We’re proud of our South African roots and talent and we can’t wait for you to experience the revitalised Rockets Bryanston.”

Join us for the grand unveiling on 23 May 2024 and embark on a journey that promises to redefine dining and nightlife. Rockets Bryanston is more than an establishment—it’s a lifestyle.

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