Hisense, a prominent technology company known for its commitment to innovation, is excited to unveil the revolutionary 100U7K – the first-ever 100-inch TV manufactured in South Africa. This remarkable television represents a significant milestone for Hisense, showcasing the company’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of display technology and delivering exceptional products to consumers.

Crafted at the advanced Atlantis Factory north of Cape Town, the 100U7K demonstrates Hisense’s unwavering commitment to advancing display technology. The manufacturing of this groundbreaking TV at the Atlantis facility marks a historic achievement for Hisense, highlighting the company’s relentless pursuit of excellence in the field of display technology.

The key features of the Hisense 100U7K are truly impressive and include:

·         A remarkable 144Hz refresh rate designed to deliver smooth motion and responsiveness, catering to the needs of both gaming and movie enthusiasts.

·         Utilization of Mini-LED technology, ensuring exceptional brightness and contrast, which brings scenes to life with remarkable clarity and detail.

·         Incorporation of Quantum Dot Colour technology, providing vibrant and captivating colours that enhance the viewing experience.

·         Integration of Dolby Vision IQ, offering intelligent picture optimisation based on ambient lighting conditions, resulting in lifelike realism and depth.

·         Inclusion of a built-in subwoofer for powerful, immersive sound, and AMD Free-Sync Premium for a seamless, tear-free gaming experience.

Speaking at the launch in Johannesburg, Luna Nortje, Deputy General Manager at Hisense South Africa, expressed her immense pride in introducing the groundbreaking 100-inch TV, stating, “I am proud to introduce the Hisense 100U7K, a groundbreaking 100-inch TV that exemplifies our commitment to pushing the boundaries of display technology and providing consumers with unparalleled viewing experiences. It is, indeed, an exciting and historic moment for us as a company, and certainly a positive move for the country’s manufacturing sector. This is only the beginning.”

Hisense’s dedication to advancing display technology has been globally recognised, with the company being named the Global No. 1 Brand in 100-inch TV shipment by Omdia. Additionally, Hisense has been honoured with the prestigious title of Best TV Brand for 2024 by Mybroadband, solidifying its leadership in the industry.

The launch of the Hisense 100U7K marks a new era of home entertainment in South Africa, setting the standard for immersive viewing experiences and cutting-edge technology.

The 100 inch TV is available exclusively at Hirsch’s stores nationwide. To find out more about the Hisense 100U7K, please visit www.hisense.co.za

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