As any skater knows, skateboarding isn’t just about skateboarding. It’s about the one-of-a-kind sense of freedom, creativity, and camaraderie that the sport brings to the world. Every year on 21 June, Go Skateboarding Day brings the global community together to elevate the energy of skateboarding—and this year, the day was marked by the Vans’ Go Skateboarding Day event at 011 Skatepark in Edenvale.

The day was filled with empowering workshops led by seasoned skaters from local organisations like Skate Smiles Club, Girls Skate South Africa, Spectrum, Skateistan, The Skate School, Showtime Events, PTA Girls Skate , and JHB Skate Club.

These workshops were all about lifting up aspiring youth, sharing knowledge, and building confidence—especially for female skateboarders, who face unique challenges in a male-dominated sport. 

Vans’ collaboration with these groups underscores the brand’s commitment to supporting underrepresented communities and ensuring that everyone, regardless of gender or background, is welcomed into the skating community. It was all about fostering inclusivity, building community, and inspiring the next generation of skaters—those who will, in turn, inspire the generation that comes after them.

The day kicked off with a Beginners Skate Workshop that provided a safe and supportive space for newcomers to learn the fundamentals of skateboarding; a disposable film camera workshop; and the highlight of the event—a Skate Jam that featured separate competitions for groms (young children), women, and men.

Participants showcased their skills on various sections of the skatepark, from the quarter pipe to the ledge, mini ramp, bank, pyramid, and rainbow rail. Vans added to the excitement with a product toss that gave attendees the chance to get their hands on skate decks and other Vans merchandise.

The event was a testament to the sport’s ability to bring people together. New friendships and a sense of community were formed as skaters from all backgrounds came together to celebrate their love for skateboarding. Events like these are a powerful reminder that skateboarding is more than just tricks and competition—it’s a culture built on inclusivity, creativity, and the pursuit of self-expression.  

By fostering a welcoming environment and empowering the next generation of skaters, Vans is helping to ensure that the culture of skateboarding continues to grow for years to come. Follow Vans South Africa on Instagram or Facebook to keep up with upcoming skating events across the country.

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