In partnership with renowned fashion designer and founder of Mantsho, Palesa Mokubung, Nedbank launches South Africa’s first-ever fashion collection inspired by a bank account titled ‘Now More People Can Premium’ by Mantsho x Nedbank’s MiGoals Premium.  

Thanks to Nedbank, ‘Premium’ is no longer reserved for a select few. The exclusive Mantsho collection is created as an embodiment of the notion behind the MiGoals Premium Account: giving more people the chance to enjoy the premium lifestyle and everything that comes with it. 

Nedbank’s partnership with Mantsho emphasises the brand’s investment in cultural and social capital, showcasing a commitment to empowerment and inspiration beyond financial services. The collaboration celebrates African culture and is dedicated to bringing the heritage and innovation of the continent to a broader audience through experiences.

Executive Head of Marketing for Retail and Business Banking at Nedbank, Buli Ndlovu, shares some insight into the concept: ‘The Mantsho partnership is incredibly exciting for us, as it is a high-end, award-winning fashion brand, a lot of people weren’t able access to these iconic pieces. So, in taking inspiration from our Nedbank MiGoals Premium Account, which was designed to allow more people to experience the premium lifestyle, we’ve created a fashion line embodying this, bringing premium access to more people.’ 

In 2004 she founded Mantsho, a Sesotho name meaning ‘Black is Beautiful’, which has become renowned for its bold, confident, and vibrant designs that celebrate the spirit of African womanhood. Mokubung’s journey in fashion began with a profound passion for design and a deep-rooted connection to her African heritage, which led to her becoming a pioneering South African fashion designer, celebrated globally for her innovative and culturally rich designs. With a career marked by bold creativity and international acclaim, Mokubung has firmly positioned herself and her brand at the forefront of the international fashion scene.

“This collection is designed to be more than just apparel; it’s about enhancing the lifestyle of Nedbank MiGoals Premium account holders. We aim to make luxury and high fashion accessible, helping customers express their personal style and aspirations confidently. The collection supports a lifestyle where elegance and ambition go hand in hand, enabling our clients to present their best selves to the world,” says Palesa Mokubung.

The locally made ‘Now More People Can Premium’ by Mantsho x Nedbank’s MiGoals Premium collection comprises nine items, which include accessories, T-shirts and kimono dresses – all created from locally sourced fabrics. Each item from the collection was curated specifically because of its dynamic and contemporary take on high fashion with a local flair to give shoppers a chance to own a statement piece of cultural pride and sophistication.

The line will be exclusively available on the Avo SuperShop. This hyper-personalised shopping platform features a wide range of South Africa’s favourite brands across shopping, takeaways, groceries and more in a single, secure space. With a massive discount of 30% available to holders of a Nedbank MiGoals Premium Account, the idea of ‘Now More People Can Premium’ has never rung truer – and owning an iconic Mantsho piece has never been easier.

‘Making our brand affordable opens it up to a new audience. We are bringing a premium brand that is much closer to a wider audience, which is what we love about it. We also love the fact that the Mantsho brand and Nedbank share so many of the same values: we are both intent on doing something more meaningful in a creative space. It feels like a good and genuine synergy,’ Ndlovu said.

‘South African fashion continues to push creative boundaries, and this is a great embodiment of this. A fashion line inspired by the MiGoals Premium Account is unexpected and interesting, and we love the challenge of bringing this concept to life,’ concludes Ndlovu.

To learn more about Mantsho x Nedbank MiGoals Premium, go to

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