The country’s leading total beverage company, brandhouse, will celebrate South Africans who have shown their commitment to driving dry by donating R60 000 to South Africans Against Drunk Driving (SADD). Drive Dry asks all South Africans to play their part in the build up to Drive Dry Day, the second leg of the award winning Drive Dry campaign.

On July 1, brandhouse will announce the total number of pledges made-to-date of those who have chosen to drink responsibly. If the target of 3 000 pledges is achieved brandhouse will donate the money to SADD. “This is another way brandhouse is demonstrating commitment to addressing the role alcohol plays when it comes to drinking and driving.

Drive Dry Day is an extension of the Drive Dry initiative that addresses the issue and promotes the responsible use of alcohol. We felt that by setting a target date we could mobilise young South Africans to take the pledge, however we believe the choice to not drive when drinking is the responsible one to make and encourage all South African to keep on doing so,” says Michael Mabasa, Corporate Relations Director for brandhouse.

brandhouse launched its 2013 Drive Dry campaign earlier this year with a hard-hitting social media activism iniative, designed to change behaviour towards drinking and driving. Consumers were asked to pledge to “drink and not drive” or “drive and not drink” via Although aimed at the youth (18 – 25 year olds), the 2013 Drive Dry campaign speaks to all South Africans that have access to a vehicle and socialise.

Anyone can get involved, even if you do not drink alcohol at all because Drive Dry encourages the use of a designated driver or taxi service. The pledge has been designed to link with Facebook and Facebook events. Once a pledge is made, it will pull from your Facebook friends list who else is attending the same event and whether they are drinking or driving. “Everyone’s pledge counts and can make a difference,” says Mabasa.

Radio personality DJ S’bu was the first person to make the pledge at the launch event, which took place at The Women’s Jail at Constitution Hill in Johannesburg on 07 March 2013. Other high profile South Africans to have since made the pledge include Vanessa Haywood, Mika Stefano, Sureshnie Rider, J Something (from Micasa), Sias du Plessis and Alex Harris. “We ask everyone to please pledge and share the call with their family and friends as every bit counts.

The more active consumers are involved, the better as we slowly change the perception from ‘it won’t happen to me’ to the harsh realities that happen when one drinks and drives,” says Mabasa. Consumers who wish to do so can continue to take the pledge after the Drive Day on July 1.

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