Over the past decade, the Internet has provided a unique opportunity for the swift dissemination of original fashion from the streets, giving individuals the opportunity to share their style.

It is evident that there has been a change in how consumers engage with fashion. Consumers now drive trends and relate them in their own unique way.

 A first in South Africa, Stylista is an online platform that is changing how people express their style and share it. Recognising that social media is driving people’s need for immediate networking opportunities, the creators of Stylista, Ilana Jossel and TamiRuschin, recognized that this type of communication could be suitably adapted for the industry that they know best –Fashion.

Having both worked within the South African Fashion industry for the past 5 years, these two business partners saw the growth in the online conversation around South Africa. The pair recognized this as an opportunity to allow more people to share their unique style because South Africa and the rest of the continent is full of “Stylistas” Given the popularity of international social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instragram, it is evident that South Africans enjoy sharing and contributing to the global conversation.

Ilana and Tami describe Stylista as “an online community that offers fashion inspiration from real street style lovers around South Africa.” On the site, people are encouraged to showcase their styles and brands that they love to wear, giving them the opportunity to gain their own fashion following by reaching a large audience of other influential tastemakers.

 The world-class website was created in South Africa by Ilana and Tami in collaboration with Smoke Studios.

 The site aims to maximize interaction between the street lover and the brands they wear. It allows brands to engage directly with a new set of consumers, see exactly what they are wearing and what trends they like to follow. Brands also have the opportunity to showcase their collections on brand pages for consumers to view and/or purchase.

 Creating a Stylista profile is easy and free to all. Users simply create an account, where they can upload and document their styles and create a collective gallery from which all users can draw daily fashion inspiration. Users also have the opportunity to receive recognition from Stylista representatives, fashion brands and reputable fashion magazines, in the form of virtual awards such as Style Stars.

 They can use this platform not only to browse street style from around South Africa, but they can also draw daily fashion inspiration, keep up-to-date with trends, follow their favourite blogs and websites, and share their opinions on style.

 Most importantly Stylista is a community that includes a variety of individuals for whom style is paramount, this includes anyone looking for fashion inspiration or to inspire others with their style.



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