Seduction is a light sensation. You first meet them with your eyes. Batucada jewels form delicate and harmonious patterns on your skin.

Your eyes will not be able to resist. Then you want to touch them.

Your fingers will feel a soft, light and versatile material, which barely touches your skin and is certainly comfortable to wear.

Batucada collections feature design-conscious modern materials that are also a true pleasure to wear and use. Due to its Eco Plastic material and high-quality designs, the synthetic rubber is tough, flexible, and seawater resistant. It actually adapts to the contours of your body, remembering your shape for a perfect fit, like a second
skin. It’s ultra-lightweight and even floats.
Batucada is a whole new generation of jewellery with a tattoo like appearance, transformable as necklaces can morph into bracelets or vice versa, and available in a dazzling array of shapes and colours.
Batucada respects nature and the environment thanks to a clean, non-polluting production process.

You see it… just like a sunray; it catches your eye.
You feel it…just like water; it runs under your fingers.
You wear it… just like a kiss; it barely touches your skin.
You enjoy it… just like a memory; it becomes a part of yourself.

Batucada jewellery is not something you simply chose, it is something you encounter.

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