Performance has always been a part of me since I was that little girl with a hairbrush in front of the mirror to the shows I did with a band I was previously part of, Stereo Night School. I watched the reception of Stereo Night School very closely, I knew something had to be right when we were getting love from all over, from Jozi to people in the UK giving us props, it gave me the drive I needed, recording and making music in a studio is different to putting it out there. Studio feeds the passion, people loving what you do give you that hunger for more. I love working with musicians with a fresh ear, who aren’t afraid to experiment and push themselves, that’s why working with Thusi and Ade from The Fridge for the last 4 years has been so fulfilling musically. The creativity and inspiration never stops and it’s all love, it’s all about good music and respect for each other as musicians. William Dewar, the “baddest” guy I know on piano, takes things a notch further, his finesse and exploratory approach inspires me to have more of that – vocally and lyrically.

I Wonder

Route of musical interest

My earliest memory of music is of my dad playing records while I curled up on his belly on the verandah at home. Those are my fondest memories of music and from there I had a connection with it. Like every other kid I used to sing in front of the mirror with a hairbrush, but for me it felt real, like one day it really would happen. When I discovered Maxwell I was more certain than ever what I wanted to do.

Formal musical training

I was in the school choir in primary school and when I got to high school I had the option to study music, which I did for two years before taking up speech and drama. I’ve always taken special interest in the arts and creative writing. I took note of my writing though when a poem I wrote was published when I was 12. One of the most talented poets I know got me my first moleskin diary at 13 and I wrote and performed poetry for the majority of my high school years.

Bongi 2 - Copy


If there’s one thing I’m aiming to achieve, it’s to give people authentic, inspiring music. Lyrically, vocally and musically, I want to see more musicians taking their art to new frontiers. I don’t know what this music I’m making is called, but I just hope it will challenge ideas and resonate with someone, hopefully they can relate to or even find wisdom through my experiences and I want it to be something that they can love too.

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