Innovative Tactical Engagement To Own Life’s Lighter Side For Wall’s


Say Goodbye To Serious Aims To Hit Social Bull’s-eye With Humour


Goodbye Serious, hello relevance. It’s that moment of comic relief flanked by the daily humdrum of the rat race that Unilever brand Wall’s Ice Cream plans to leverage in an innovative new online campaign. The brand last year embarked on an ambitious repositioning exercise to align the globally loved brand to the ideal and payoff Say Goodbye To Serious. The new campaign is not only expected to effectively communicate and engage consumers on Wall’s new platform but also go viral.

Simple but effective and impactful, the campaign features literal interpretations of its positioning through YouTube features. Three yawn-worthy mock current affairs programmes were created for the medium featuring anchor Rick Roberts and personalities that include an Australian politician as well as a Canadian-American campaigner from Saskatchetoon who are barely more viewable than watching paint dry.

Central to the campaign are the interactive pop-up questions offering viewers the opportunity to ‘Keep Watching’ or ‘Say Goodbye To Serious’ where after unexpected humour follows and the gravity of serious content is deflated, literally. The newsworthy and headline-designed titles of the videos, the about-turn content as well as the tail end content encouraging sharing, is sure to fuel the campaign’s viral appeal.

The news channel, dubbed WMW News, encourage sharing across all major social networks including Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.

See it for yourself by clicking any of these YouTube links and let Wall’s Ice Cream help you Say Goodbye to Serious!

Talks Could Dictate Outcome:

Australian MP Expresses Concerns:

Politician Thinking Ahead:

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