Denim and feel good fashion – Jet campaign spreads the love

Local fashion retailer Jet is embracing how wonderfully different, yet so similar we all are. Discrimination isn’t new to South Africans and the new #JetDenim campaign: Denim Doesn’t Discriminate aims to look beyond the negativity and focus on our diversity and inclusiveness as a nation.

“We want customers to embrace their uniqueness and celebrate our similarities as humans. More than this we want them to feel good in their skin and in our denim jeans which lend themselves to effortless comfort and style. Regardless of age, race, culture or gender, each individual is extraordinary and brings a special element to the broader South African culture,” says Jerry Anthonyrajah, Head of Marketing at Jet.

The essence of this new marketing direction follows a bigger global trend of leader brands that are moving towards celebrating imperfections to capture the extraordinary in the ordinary. The #JetDenim campaign is a celebration of diversity and inclusiveness.

The campaign features seven real South African stories centred around individual experiences of discrimination. These wonderful, ordinary South Africans share their inspirational stories to bring to light their experiences of how they have overcome their own personal challenges, and more importantly how they feel proud of their differences and see them as something to be celebrated.

When asked why he would consider tying the Jet brand to the subject of discrimination, Jerry Anthonyrajah reminds us that “We need to celebrate and appreciate our own differences, and we also want to encourage people to embrace each other’s differences. Denim is the staple item in most customers’ wardrobes and we are using it to illustrate how we are really not that different. We are proud of our affordable denim range and hope customers feel proud to wear them too.”

I encourage you to visit the store and check our their new range. Denim doesn’t discriminate neither do our prices.

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