Make Staying Indoors Fun with the Best in Smart TVs and Accessories

There is plenty of summer fun to be had simply by utilising your television to its fullest potential

While summer conjures images of swimming, sun-tanning and all kinds of outdoor activities, Samsung Electronics South Africa points out that there is just as much fun to be had indoors, if you make the most of your Samsung appliances. Samsung’s superior Smart TVs and accessories offer the ideal way to turn any summer evening or weekend into an indoor adventure.

Whether your ideal indoor escapade involves curling up by yourself and watching a good movie, entertaining friends, playing games with the whole family or sharing a ‘date night’ for two, Samsung’s high quality televisions create an experience that is unique as well as enjoyable.

“For starters, Samsung’s Smart Hub is designed to organise your content sources into easy to use panels you are able to view on the TV screen,” says Matthew Thackrah, Deputy Managing Director at Samsung South Africa. “It allows you to effortlessly navigate through streaming content, Web browsing and more.”

If you want to treat the family, why not get everyone together and have a gaming competition, suggests Thackrah. The Smart Hub’s Games Panel, provides easy-to-play, family-friendly games for everyone to enjoy on the big screen. “The Games Panel recommends various games for you to download and play. It features easy-to-use controls to enhance your Smart Hub gaming activities. It’s a great way of bringing family and friends together,” he continues.

Samsung’s Smart TVs, including the latest SUHD TVs with Quantum dot technology, connect you to live video streaming services like Showmax, Netflix and YouTube. “This means you are able to find funny cat videos to show to the family or catch up on your team’s greatest goals with your friends, simply by searching for what you want online. Alternatively, you can stream that classic comedy and revel in sharing it, along with some snacks and treats.”

Furthermore, if you really want to impress your guests, Thackrah says that Samsung’s Smart TVs may be set up to accept voice recognition, simply by using the microphone function on your remote.

“Of course, our TVs offer many other entertainment options too. It’s possible to turn your living room into a dance floor by streaming music, photos and even videos of that last great holiday through the TV, by using Smart View app to send material directly to the TV. Moreover, since multiple people are enabled to share their content to a single TV using the queue feature, why not have a competition to see who can find the best, the worst or the strangest song or video online?”

“Samsung’s TV products and accessories present such a wide range of possibilities that you need never be concerned about missing out on anything. It’s much easier to stay indoors or try out a classic ‘stay-cation’ this summer, while utilising Samsung’s hottest products to their full potential,” concludes Thackrah.

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