JOHNSON’S® Baby, the global consumer brand, has launched a bold and inspiring project in South Africa that will improve the health of more than 3 million babies by 2020.

The Johnson’s Baby Healthy Skin Project will provide a platform for community nurses to assist and educate mothers and will provide thousands of babies with access to primary healthcare. An initiative like this delivers firm partnerships and unites us in serving a greater purpose. From educating mothers, to empowering community nurses and helping them create jobs, The Johnson’s Baby Healthy Skin Project focuses on empowerment and sustainability through health and education. “By 2020, we aim to improve the health of more than 3 million babies in South Africa” – a powerful statement by JOHNSON’S® Baby Portfolio Manager, Jacquelyn Paterson.

Unjani is a sustainable initiative that aims to strengthen health systems in low-income communities throughout South Africa by empowering community nurses to own and operate their very own clinic within their community. There are currently 30 Unjani clinics in South Africa providing thousands of mothers and babies in poverty access to treatment.

Knowledge is power, which is why JOHNSON’S® has also partnered with Dr. Carol Hlela to help educate Health Care Professionals in these communities, alongside others, about baby skin health. Dr. Carol Hlela is a Paediatric Dermatologist with a Masters in Science in Global Health Science (MSc GHS) and a PhD in Clinical Medicine from Oxford University. She has become a pioneer in Dermatology and has become a leader in providing quality baby skin care to help reduce the rise of skin diseases in babies in Africa.

While completing her community service in rural KwaZulu-Natal, she realised that the majority of her patients had skin rashes, and that getting medical help took a distance of almost 300km. This inspired her journey to specialise in paediatric dermatology, as she was exceedingly familiar with the importance of healthy baby skin. When approached to get involved with The Johnson’s Baby Healthy Skin Project, she felt compelled to support the initiative as it aligned exactly to what she was already trying to achieve. “The Johnson’s Baby Healthy Skin Project is helping me to realise my personal goal to improve children’s lives through skincare”, says Dr. Hlela.

This education and aid project gives mothers in poverty access to the best quality baby healthcare, skincare advice and products for better everyday health, as it aims to promote healthy skin for healthier babies. The Johnson’s Baby Healthy Skin Project invites you to join the conversation and touch the lives of babies with #johnsonsbabyhealth.


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