Ndalo Media is proud to announce the official launch of MentorFeed –  a free, multi-faceted personal development platform that provides affordable resources, practical information and skills that enable users to dream bigger and grow further. The platform, which already has active engagement across its  Facebook, Twitter and Instagram platforms, launches when Ndalo Media celebrates 10 years of positively impacting lives through informative, compelling and engaging content and experiences.

Of the four million consumers across 13 African countries which Ndalo Media connects with through its divisions of print and digital publishing, content marketing, events, book publishing, 1,6 million of those consumers are reached through its digital publishing division. The addition of MentorFeed to this division is inspired by research which indicated that in the youth labour market of 36 African countries, there is a 54% mismatch between the skills of job seekers and employers’ requirements, particularly as far as soft skills are concerned. MentorFeed aims to address tis mismatch through the content, tools and resources is provides. This insight, alongside the rapidly growing demand for mentorship from career-driven and entrepreneurial consumers alike, inspired the development of a consolidated platform that would address these needs practically.

Across its content pillars which relate to career, business, money and lifestyle, the structure of MentorFeed  allows users to develop at their own pace, provided that they register for free to get full access to the site.

The platform features the following links which will be available to all registered users:

  • Mentorials: Once users have signed up for free, they can watch a selection of educational, skill-building videos.
  • LiveChats – Every month we host live chats on Facebook Live with inspiring and successful individuals. Users can have an hour of mentorship with them. Our videos and chats will be live streamed allowing users to get responses in real time.
  • The Feed – Users can read articles and listen to podcasts for a steady stream of informative inspiration.
  • Resources – Documents and templates are available for users to download.
  • Insights – Uplifting and empowering lessons from leading business, political and media personalities that have been featured in our associate brands, Destiny and Destiny Man.
  • Shop – A collection of curated books for purchase
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