TOMORROW is officially declared World Smile Day – and Dentyne SA is inviting fans to share their winning smiles in a bid to win great prizes with the Endless #DentyneSmile Power Challenge.

Commercial artist Harvey Ball created the globally-famous yellow smiley face in 1963, an image that has become the most recognizable symbol of good will and good cheer on the planet. Intent on preserving the original intention behind his creation – sharing a smile – he created World Smile Day with the aim of devoting at least one day a year to smiles and kind acts, around the world.

Everyone loves a smile – and if World Smile Day being a Friday isn’t reason enough to get you beaming, Dentyne SA wants to reward your Endless #DentyneSmile with online shopping vouchers and Dentyne goodies. To enter, simply upload a video of yourself bringing your Smile A-Game, for as long as you can, to the Dentyne SA Facebook page or @DentyneSA on Instagram or Twitter. We’ll take your ‘interview’ smile, your ‘flirty’ smile or even just your ‘TGIF’ smile – just show us those pearly whites for as long as you can!

“Dentyne is all about unlocking the power of your smile,” says Senior Brand Manager, Andrea Cloete. “A great smile can start a friendship, make someone’s day – and now, win you great prizes with #DentyneSmile”.

Your smile can be the difference between a good day and a bad day – so make World Smile Day on 6 October a GREAT day with #DentyneSmile.

Visit the Dentyne SA Facebook page or @dentynesa on Instagram or Twitter to find out more about #DentyneSmile. The #DentyneSmile competition runs from 6-31 October. Winners will be chosen randomly.

Please see link to competition terms and conditions below



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