This month 5FM debuted the first in a series of podcasts presented by spicy newsreader and Thabooty Drive show member, Sibs Matiyela. The first episode of Stay Woke with Sibs, titled Poetry in Motion, had Sibs speak to the founders of the WordnSound Literature Company, Qhakaza Mthembu and Thabiso Afurakan Mohare. They shed some light on the death and resurrection of the poetry scene in the Johannesburg arts precinct and impart valuable insight into how to start a poetry and literature company while using it as a means of uplifting, educating and empowering young people.
The weekly podcast is the first of many to come from the 5FM on-air team with Sibs offering up what she refers to as “a podcast for voyeuristic insomniacs who like to stay up all night listening to sometimes saucy and sometimes sobering conversations”.

“I’ll be tackling a variety of topics including art, business, identity, sex, gender issues, social justice, mental health and a bunch of other stuff. We’re using candid conversations about the world we live in and our experience of it to try to get woke and STAY woke while struggling with being woke” explains Sibs.
5FM Station Manager Justine Cullinan adds that “as South Africans we have so much to talk about and as 5FM we just don’t always get enough time on-air to go as deep as we would like”.

“Complex issues need more than a few radio links. Podcasting is one of the ways we can bring youthful South Africans together around topics of relevance and still get into enough detail to provide a more robust type of edutainment for our 5FM community,” says Justine.

Listeners can subscribe to the podcast via iTunes using the link 5fm.link/iTunesStayWoke
Or listen via the 5FM website (powered by IONO) using this link, http://www.5fm.co.za/sabc/home/5fm/catch-ups/.

5FM podcasts is just another platform in which listeners can engage with the station outside of linear radio for carefully curated content. The station will be introducing more podcasts during the course of the year.

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