Health and wellness expert, Lisa Raleigh has been appointed as the new brand ambassador for Power Footwear South Africa. As a health and wellness expert, Lisa provides expert advice, inspiration and motivation specialising in digestion, stress management, obesity and more recently, fitness management.

This exciting new relationship with the brand will be celebrated through a series of in-store activations at Shoe City stores nationwide where Power footwear is stocked.

Lisa will also meet consumers as she showcases her latest fitness management program, Rebounding.

Lisa will first appear in the brand’s campaign promoting the It’s your Move footwear range which is all about flexibility and adapting to the natural motion of your foot. Together with her fitness program Rebounding, Lisa will Rebound with Power showcasing how you can get fit with freedom and flexibility. This campaign will feature in-store, online and via print and social media.


Rebounding brings a fun and unique twist to conventional cardiovascular exercises, as it involves jumping on a mini trampoline combined with jumping jacks, twisting, running in place, bouncing on one leg at a time, and dancing. In addition, Rebounding is very low impact and allows you to do jumping and aerobic exercises for much longer intervals than you could on solid ground without tiring out or creating harmful oxidative and adrenal stress.


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