In May of this year, when South African courts issued the ruling that cannabidiol (CBD) would no longer fall under the scheduling system for the control of drug use – we all exhaled!

Over the years, the many extraordinary benefits of this plant have been overshadowed by the stigma which surrounds it. CBD forms part of cannabis, but is not psychoactive or habit-forming, and has not been connected with any negative or dangerous side-effects.

HelloMD – Here to start the Conversation…

The truth is, searches for the terms CBD & cannabis have increased rapidly since the law changed in May this year. South African’s are keen to learn more about this intriguing plant but often find themselves misguided and misinformed by the wealth of erroneous information being posted online.

HelloMD is working to speak through the green cloud and deliver knowledgeable, relevant and useful content to South African’s. This allows them to comfortably practice safe and regulated use of this natural wonder.

What is HelloMD?

A US based CannaTech Company…
HelloMD is conducting the largest ongoing conversation around cannabis and CBD. Recently it has started the conversation in South Africa with a special focus on localising the content, in order to match the countries unique narratives.

HelloMD aims to unfold its S.A based platform in three phases, namely: Education (which has already been launched), E-commerce and Dr. Consult.

Dr. Consult is a unique concept to the South African market, whereby individuals are able to schedule online consultations with a cannabis-educated doctor. A ground breaking notion, meaning that anyone can receive top quality medical advice from any convenient location, with no more than a Smartphone and internet/data reception.

Only the best local and international products will be available on the soon to be launched e-commerce store. The HelloMD team has gone above and beyond to align themselves with brands that match the high standards set by the North American market.

Cannabis – Green with Opportunity

As a nation facing a harsh economic climate – ‘The Green Rush’ not only offers potential health benefits but employment opportunities too. There are now fully fledged industries, incorporating the entire plant from seed to service. The local economy is searching for new avenues in which to create economic growth, harvest opportunities and bolster budding businesses. This is an exciting, new market and the time to educate and facilitate a conversation around this future career path – is now.

Home Grown and Going Global

Co-founders, South African born serial entrepreneur – Mark Hadfield and his tech entrepreneur wife – Pamela Hadfield, aim to establish HelloMD as one of the most trusted and well recognised cannabis-related names in South Africa and internationally.

‘Our sole mission is to let everyone and anyone who wants to learn about cannabis receive the latest, most scientific, accurate and unbiased knowledge to help in changing the stigma.’ – Angus Hamilton-Morris, Manager HelloMD South Africa

There are so many individuals suffering in silence and struggling to effectively manage the stress in their lives. Cannabis and CBD may just be the solution for those who are unsatisfied using pharmaceuticals.

People need to know that there is an alternative, a better way, a pain-free way and a path to living a healthier life. HelloMD is on a mission to start a conversation and do just that!

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