Nunuki®, is a proudly South African skincare brand created for little humans that delivers a perfect combination of fun and science in a uniquely enchanting way.

Nunuki®, is the brainchild of a South African mother of two, Nána (Nanaki) Lloyd, a self-titled Kids Passionista. The range was developed in partnership with a panel of South African experts and a best-in-class pharmaceutical company. Nunuki® believes that fun is as important as science – so the creators have ensured that they manufactured the best quality skincare, with natural active ingredients even for the most sensitive skin.

Each product has been dermatologically tested and approved. Should a child’s skin have an adverse reaction, they guarantee customers 100% of their money back. As a further stamp of approval,  Nunuki® has also received the CANSA Seal of Recognition for the entire range.

Nunuki® understands the importance of family time and how precious intimate moments of parenthood are. As parents, we hold these moments dear to our hearts for the lifelong trust and love they build between us and our little humans. Those quiet, connected moments are perfect teaching opportunities. Let us introduce our family members – the nunukis – an eclectic group of characters who are ready to help teach your little humans valuable life lessons with easy to remember principles.

Each of them represents a particular product, and with it all of the facts, stats, info and need-to-knows about that product and product category.

“As a mother of my own two precious nunu’s, it was important for me to create a brand that resonates with parents and makes a difference in their everyday life. A brand that is not only known for skincare but offers the most valuable life lessons to each user.

I know you’ll love the range as much as I do”, says Nána Lloyd, Founder & Kids Passionista.

Nunuki® is available to purchase at selected Kids Emporium stores, Pick ‘n Pay stores, leading pharmacies, independent baby boutiques or via our website.

Are Nunuki products 100% natural / organic?

No. The nunuki journey started with the objective to develop a skincare range for little humans that feels and smells amazing AND is absolutely safe for babies’ skin

Even though the active ingredients in all the products (bar the sunscreen) are NATURAL, our products do not claim 100% natural or organic

We used the best from science and nature to produce exceptional products

Are Nunuki products developed for babies and children with eczema?

Eczema is a medical condition, and therefore we recommend parents follow a specialist’s advice for everything relating to contact dermatitis

To date, our products have not aggravated eczema flairs in any of our babies with this condition – that being said, we do not recommend Nunuki products for eczema babies

Is the bum cream cloth nappy friendly?

Our bum cream contains Zinc, which is a phenomenal skin healing and protective mineral

When Zinc is mixed with natural oils it does not bode well for long-term maintenance of cloth nappies, as it leaves a residue in these nappies

Seeing that this is a growing need for our parents trying to be more environmentally friendly, we will be developing a cloth nappy friendly bum cream option in future

Are the Nunuki products vegan / cruelty free?

All the products except the Bum cream is vegan – our bum cream contains lanolin, which is derived from sheep wool

The Nunuki products have only been tested on humans – not on animals

Is the Nunuki sunscreen a physical or chemical sunscreen?

Physical or mineral sunscreens uses titanium dioxide and zinc oxide as the main UVA & UVB filters. Sensitive skin tends to have a reaction to the zinc oxide when exposed to the sun. Nunuki is in the process of developing a physical / mineral sunscreen

Why is the Nunuki sunscreen only SPF30?

SPF refers to protection from UVB rays. SPF 30 protects against 97% of UVB rays and SPF 50 protects against 98% of UVB rays

The SPF also indicated HOW LONG you will be protected from the UVB rays – if you start burning in the sun after 5 x minutes of sun exposure, an SPF 30 product will protect you for 5 x 30 = 150minutes and an SPF 50 then for 5 x 50 = 250 minutes

However, it is advisable to reapply sunscreen every 2 hours anyway, so SPF 30 sunscreen give enough protection

It is important to check if the sunscreen has a UVA symbol – this ensures that the sunscreen protects against the UVA rays that we cannot feel or see – these rays cause aging and cancer, so sufficient UVA protection is important (UVA index must be at least 1/3 of the SPF protection

CANSA will only endorse sunscreen products with sufficient UVA and UVB protection

From what age can you use Nunuki sunscreen?

The melanin (pigment that helps absorb sun’s rays) on a baby’s skin only starts forming at the age of 6 months and therefore sunscreen application is only recommended from 6 months

However, rather apply sunscreen if you do take baby out in the direct sunlight between 10am – 3pm

Are the Nunuki products safe from birth?

  • All Nunuki products have been dermatologically tested for sensitive skin, so they are all safe from birth
  • However, it is advisable to use as little as possible on baby’s skin until 6 weeks. You can then start using different products to see if there is any adverse reaction on your little one’s skin
  • Nunuki offers a 100% money-back guarantee should there be any adverse reaction – skin is very unique, and we have even seen reactions to avocado oil. We don’t want you to continue using our products if they don’t agree with your little one’s skin
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