In a time of social isolation as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, our devices have transcended being mere touchpoints between ourselves and the rest of the world.

What has previously been digital escapism through social media, creativity, cinematography, music and gaming, interaction online has become the most fundamental facet of our daily routine, dictated by working from home, online learning and keeping in contact with loved ones.

As we lose touch with the physical world in these times of uncertainty, one thing is clear: people are using their devices to seek connection more than ever before. 

Life online has evolved: technology has created the most significant point of connection for work, education and play. People are seeking solace through online platforms to build a sense of community through participation, and are looking to be entertained in novel ways through Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and YouTube.

We no longer just want to chat via messaging apps; we want to see each other to bolster our mental and emotional wellbeing. Lines between work and play have blurred as we become primarily digital denizens. School assignments are being handed out on Google Classroom, while meetings are happening on Zoom, Google Hangouts and Microsoft Teams. 

As people are fundamentally changing the way they connect, so too are brands, businesses, influencers and celebrities rethinking the way they engage in the new digital playing field. 

Consumers are seeking exciting virtual experiences, and it is up to brands to interact with their audiences in a human and relevant way. This means that content creators need to up the ante on how they create meaningful engagement. 

Local music sensation J’Something has used his new Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S to film a series of video tutorials, where he teaches his audience how to maximise on capturing moments through photography, how to create musical compositions using a phone, and how to create simple and delicious recipes to share online.

Bringing fans into his world through a device – and sharing how to utilise technology to elevate your experiences – created an opportunity for interaction that consumers are hungry for. 

The coronavirus pandemic has illuminated and amplified the human need for connection and collaboration to sustain our sense of wellbeing.

In the new digital reality, people are nourished by experiences online, and this insatiable need for screen time may very well be the new normal for a long time to come.

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