In an exciting and innovative move, during a new world of increased online and digital broadcast consumption due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Old Mutual and their AMPD Studio has partnered with ViacomCBS Networks Africa to bring the edutainment series to MTV BASE (DStv 322) and BET Africa (DStv129). 
MTV BASE & BET Africa audiences are in for a treat, as more than twenty South African music heavyweights will be sharing their trials, tribulations, lessons and soundtracks to their stories over the next 10 weeks. The innovative show aptly called AMPD Studios Live is powered by Old Mutual and will draw the curtain back on the music industry as the stars entertain and educate in each episode. 
Some of the topics that the artists will tackle include “The secrets of building a business in music”, “The building blocks behind SA’s biggest careers” as well as topics relating to Publishing, Contracts and Tax. As the world continues to navigate uncertainty brought by Covid-19 pandemic, Old Mutual and ViacomCBS Networks Africa have collaborated and are leveraging the universal power of music to entertain, enlighten and inspire the continent. The artists were recorded at Old Mutual’s AMPD studios based in Newtown Junction pre Covid-19. The studios provide an ideal platform for aspirational artists to amplify their careers through access to recording facilities and advice on all facets from established as well as legends in the entertainment and financial services industry.
“Music has the power to not only change a mood but a person’s perspective and even their environment.

The presence or the lack of money tends to do the same thing. As Old Mutual, we have over 175 years of experience in enabling people to understand and achieve their financial goals.

This show provides us with another innovative way to champion mutually positive futures for the youth of our continent,” said Thobile Tshabalala, Head of Brand at Old Mutual.  
Monde Twala, Senior Vice President and Genera Manager at ViacomCBS Networks Africa added, “We live in unprecedented times where innovation and creativity are the new gold. We pursued this partnership for a while and are thrilled to bring this powerful edutainment format to TV screens across the continent. AMPD Studios, MTV Base and BET share a passion for African youth culture and music excellence, this is a powerful opportunity for knowledge sharing and financial music industry education.” 
Music is a universal language, and even as styles and genres change over the years, the essence of music culture on the continent lives on.

Through this partnership Old Mutual, MTV Base and BET aim to connect meaningfully with the music and creative communities by providing mentorship, information, Financial Education and the tools they need to progress in their careers while at the same time providing amazing performances and talent.   
Through this partnership, Old Mutual, MTV Base and BET aim to connect meaningfully with the music and creative arts communities.

Apart from acquiring the tools they need to progress in their careers; audiences will be thoroughly entertained by the amazing performances and talent.  
Be sure to watch AMPD Studios Live on MTV BASE DSTV Channel 322 @ 21:30 CAT on 29 July 2020 and BET DSTV Channel 129 18:30 CAT from 01 August 2020.

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