Spring has sprung! As we delight in a new season and majority of us ready to get shake off of the Winter lethargy, proudly South African skincare brand created for little humans, Nunuki shares easy to follow tips on how to manage your baby’s skin during Spring.

Tips to remember

Sun protection

After a long gloomy Winter, everyone wants to get out into the sun and enjoy the pleasure of nature. As the sun’s UV rays get stronger and particularly harsher on the skin, it is important to protect your baby’s skin. Baby’s under the age of 6 months should avoid the sun and the usage of sunscreen as much as possible. Should you have to be in the sun, consult your paediatrician/dermatologist and ensure you baby wears lightweight, breathable long-sleeve tops/onesies and an appropriate sun hat that covers the back of their neck.

For babies over the age of 6 months, remember to always apply sunscreen when your baby is outdoors. According to dermatologist Dr Noreen Moti, it is best to stick to the following teaspoon rule: 1tsp for the face and neck, 0.5tsp for each arm, 1tsp for the chest, 1tsp for the back, 1tsp for each leg. Another important step is to check for the CANSA seal of recognition stamp. This stamp assures users that the sunscreen has been extensively tested ensuring protection against the harsh South African sun. Lello’s Protecting SPF30 Sunscreen has this important CANSA seal, not only indicating that the product has the correct amount of UVB and UVA filters, but also confirming that the sunscreen contains no impurities.

Moisturise! Moisturise! Moisturise!

Another crucial step to add to your little human’s skincare regime this Spring is to regularly moisturise your baby’s skin to ensure their skin is kept hydrated.  After going for a swim or a bath and before & after spending time outside always remember to moisturise with Elfie’s Cream. With the transitional period between seasons (particularly Winter and Spring), the weather patterns can have serious damaging effects, such as dryness.  Formulated with active natural oils such as Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Argan Oil and Carrot Oil, Elfie’s cream is sure to protect your babies delicate and soft skin.

Bath fun

After a long fun day outside, the best way to end off a day is with a nice, relaxing bath. Nunuki recommends wiping your baby down to get rid of any excess dirt and perspiration first. After that, treat your little human with the Izey’s Hair & Body Wash. A mild body wash and shampoo, specially formulated to gently clean and soften the skin and hair. Izey’s hair & body wash contains natural oils with antioxidant properties, it improves elasticity and protects the skin against dehydration. An important inclusion is the Jojoba Oil, renowned for its excellent conditioning and moisturising properties.

Nappy Change

Most days in Spring can be particularly hot and humid and your little human may sweat when they are playing outside or in the water. The moisture in nappies can lead to an irritation of the skin. Dex’s Bum Cream has been formulated with special ingredients, including Zinc Oxide, to act as a protective barrier while keeping your baby’s skin happy. The unique natural oils of this formulation have antioxidant and protecting properties to soothe sensitive skin.

Pestering Bugs

As exciting as it is with the start of warmer weather, bear in mind there comes a new set of risks to your baby’s tender skin such as biting insects and bugs. Bug bites are an annoyance, but usually not a problem. The looks at how to identify the most common types of bug bites on babies, how to ease your child’s discomfort and how to spot signs of a severe reaction or infection that require immediate care.

As a measure of precaution when outdoors or in the evenings, remember to always apply Maxi’s Pesky Bug Cream. A special blend of Citronella oil and Lemongrass will help keep mosquitoes and other bugs away. This lovely cream also contains Avocado and Grape Seed Oil to moisturise and condition the skin, leaving it feeling silky soft.

For more information, please visit Nunuki’s website, Facebook or Instagram page.



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