The first Red Bull connect uncovers current and future gaming trends

Red Bull Connect digitally brings together leading South African influencers, artists and social entrepreneurs from a variety of backgrounds to discuss topics that are the core of social change in South Africa. The series makes its debut discussing ‘The Future of Gaming’ in South Africa.

Red Bull Connect is a new online series that speaks to the topics making waves in South African sport, gaming, technology and dance. Each episode will feature a well-known host and guests who are at the forefront of their field, expertly diving into what’s driving these popular subjects.

In the first episode, esports presenter Sam ‘Tech Girl’ Wright, ZAIO founder and CEO Mvelo Hlophe and DJ Ankletap who discuss the evolving topic of gaming, how it can become a full-time profession and the steps South Africa needs to take to compete on a global level. Host, Kriya Gangiah also checks in with Red Bull athlete, Thabo ‘YVNG SAVAGE’ Moloi, who is the first signed Red Bull esports athlete on the African continent. 

The Future of Gaming in South Africa is a hot topic currently with many questions being asked on how South African esports can compete on a global level as well as bringing it into education curriculums. Commenting on accessibility for students in South Africa, Mvelo Hlophie explains “it’s an issue of bandwidth and accessibility for most students across the country. There are issues with getting the right infrastructure in as well as the right educators to facilitate the learning process behind gaming as well as game development.” 

Red Bull Connect ‘The Future of Gaming’ is available to watch now on

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