A colourful group of the South African LGBTIQ+ community gathered at Constitution Hill on Friday to raise the rainbow PRIDE flag in celebration of Pride Month.

Commemorating the begin of Pride Month in October, the flag-raising is a deeply symbolic gesture in the LGBTIQ+ community especially during the month of Pride. 

The event not only symbolises a celebration of the rights of the South African LGBTIQ+ community which are enshrined in our constitution, but is also a reminder of the journey the community had to face to gain their basic human rights in this country.  

Raised at Constitution Hill, home of the Constitutional Court, the PRIDE flag alongside the South African flag will be flown for the entire month of October in celebration of the LGBTQI+ community.  

 “Personally, for me, raising this flag symbolises that we are here, proudly, to celebrate LGBTIQ+ rights as part of South African society.  Many of our community face abuse and homophobia on a daily basis, and this flag reminds everyone that our constitution demands more … our constitution demands inclusion, dignity, respect and equality for everyone.” stated Thami Dish Foundation founder Thami Kotlolo.

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