This week 5FM launched an on-air and digital campaign in support of The 1000 Women Trust, which urges people to speak to young boys about consent and behaviour that may affect the way they treat and view women. The campaign is the stations’ continued support of awareness around women and children abuse during the 16 Days of Activism. The station has made a pledge to support initiatives like this throughout the year and not only on special occasions.

The 1000 Women Trust believes a large part of finding a solution is educating young boys about consent, boundaries, and respect for women. Through their website, www.maketime.org.za, the 1000 Women Trust offers different talking points available for adults to discuss consent with young boys, because “what girls experience tomorrow depends on what we teach boys today.”

Through their various platforms 5FM urges South Africans not to look away, educate young boys, ask the hard questions and stand up against violence towards women.

On the station’s social media pages from this week until 10 December, you will find new pieces of content using the hashtag #StopLookingAway as we unpack how South Africans can get emotional over small things, like bad Wi-Fi signal or someone cutting them off in traffic, but when it comes to violence against women and children, they’re completely desensitized.

For more information on the 1000 Women Trust go to www.1000women.co.za and visit their Make Time page as well www.maketime.org.za. Be sure to keep up with 5FM’s social media pages and visit our website www.5fm.co.za for further information. 

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