For many car owners, knowing the correct tyre pressure for their vehicle seems less important than, for instance, knowing the correct type of fuel to fill in the tank.

However, for off-road enthusiasts, the correct tyre pressure is a crucial part of the vehicle set up. It can mean the difference between acing a drive through soft sand or being the butt of your friends’ jokes because you had to be towed out of a sandpit in which you got stuck due to incorrect tyre pressure.

But knowing the correct tyre pressure is not just for off-roading. In everyday driving conditions having the correct tyre pressure can have lots of benefits, including improved traction and handling, minimising emissions and the likelihood of getting a flat, and savings from reduced fuel consumption and purchasing new tires less frequently.

While vehicles like the Ford Ranger Wildtrak come equipped with an electronic tyre pressure monitoring system, there are a few nifty tricks that all car owners should know to keep your tyre pressure in check.

We discuss this in the video at the link below.

To learn more about the features offered in the Ford Ranger,

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