Fastest finger on the buzzer… Ready… Go!

Question 1: What percentage of your salary should go toward savings?

Question 2: True or false, portfolio diversification is key to investing wisely?

Question 3: Have you watched the Sanlam Moola-Money Family Game Show to up your financial savvy, alongside all South Africans?

The country’s only financial education game show is back for season two, with the same laughs, banter, celeb sparkle and R1-million prize money up for grabs. The season premieres on SABC 2 on Sunday 10 July at 19.30

Celebrity hosts Tyson Ngubeni (and his alter ego Bob O’Connor) and Nicolette Mashile (aka The Financial Bunny) return alongside guest appearances from celebrities playing for charity. But the real stars are the amazing families taking part, teams who are looking to make their families proud when they compete for the weekly prize money of R50 000 and a Grand Final prize of R500 000.

Sydney Mbhele, chief executive: brand at Sanlam, says, “We’re delighted to bring another season of Sanlam Moola-Money to South African screens. Our goal, as we look to empower Africans to live with confidence, is to help people across the country learn how to make their money work for them. The show has moved to SABC2 giving it a really wide and diverse audience – will be packed with valuable learnings, with tons of adrenalin, thrills and laughs along the way.”

He said, most importantly, Sanlam hopes the show will spark families to talk about money matters and to learn how to get in the driver seat of their financial lives. “Too many South Africans unfortunately find themselves in debt traps and overspending spirals because they don’t have a deep enough understanding of how to manage their finances.”

Nicolette Mashile’s top five reasons to watch Moola-Money:

For host Nicolette, the show is all about having an impact in South Africa. Here are her top five reasons to watch Moola-Money:

1. High energy and a very fast pace! “Teams have to be on the top of their game, they have to know money management really well and they need very fast fingers for the buzzers!”

2. Loads of learning. “The show is jampacked with so much education and that is what makes it so exciting. We incentivise financial education, learning and we deliver it in a super electric manner.”  

3.  An increase in financial confidence. “I think that is really what it is all about. Now that we are more settled into the gameshow and we know what the game mechanics are, we (the hosts) will bring our A-game by making sure there will be a whole lot more excitement, more challenges, and definitely more learning to build financial confidence.”

4. The Conundrum! “My favourite part of the show, it’s about unscrambling really simple financial concepts but because it is such a high paced environment, taking in new information and keeping time, makes it so much more exciting. Being able to identify simple words we use on a daily basis and realising how much impact they have on your life.”  

5. My fellow host Tyson! “He’s hilarious.”

Tyson Ngubeni, top four reasons he loves the Moola-Money show:

For Tyson, meeting South Africans from all walks of life is a highlight of hosting the show – here is why he loves this gig:

1.      “I love the crazy and sometimes funny places the brain goes to in moments of pressure. I also love those little nuggets of info and insight that make you go “hmmm,” and the show is filled with them.”

2.      “I really enjoy the Moola Money Mountain; you never really know what you’ll be faced with. It could be a chance to add to your Moola or an unexpected event where you could take advantage of the policies you might have racked up earlier.”

3.      “The confidence rules! Every episode a Sanlam financial adviser shares a rule with the audience and teams – and these rules are pure gold in anyone’s money management journey.”

4.      “I get to have big fun with my friend Nicolette every week!”

Catch the Sanlam Moola-Money Family Game Show every Sunday at 19.30 from 10 July, with repeats the following Sunday at 14.00. n. For more information, visit

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