Top tunes from Smirnoff’s SA’s best up-and-coming female DJs that are perfect for your trip back from Durban 

Over the last few years, Mzansi has unearthed some phenomenal female DJ talent who are flourishing in their own right however, the opportunities, paycheques, media exposure, and gigs for female DJs remain limited especially compared to their male counterparts.

In this light, Smirnoff 1818 launched its first ever Shaya Ingoma campaign in 2021, through which the brand aimed to pioneer the gender gap and shine a light on some talented local female DJs, promoting them and offering various opportunities for upcoming female DJs in Mzansi to showcase their skills, get the recognition they deserve and receive sufficient support in the pursuit of their DJing career aspirations. 

In line with this campaign and post the hotly Durban July event this past Saturday, Smirnoff Vodka, the largest vodka brand in the world-renowned for its ultrasmooth vodka and classic taste, has compiled a playlist featuring the top 10 songs from the best up and coming female DJs that will act as smooth musical accompaniment to your trip back from the hectic weekend.   

#10 Rosetta D33p- Shayingoma artist is Rosetta d33p and Rodney Sa

#9 Miss Dimplezz Healer inhliziyo yam by gaba cannal

#8 Dj Jodyshore Dali Wami – KeenanO (ft. Dinky Kunene & LuE)

#7 DJ 2Llyndo- – Ukhalelani – Saint Evo ft. Toshi (Candy Man Remix)

#6 Miss Bee -Prayer for Rain by Caiiro & Black Motion featuring Tabia

#5 Lady C- Senior Oat- All in you

#4 DJ Wamz- Ulazi – Mr JazziQ & 9umba

#3 Fizz and Shai-a- Dearson feat. Uncle R – Spirit

#2 Mystikal Ebony- ILanga Cornelius SA ft Lady X

#1 Euphoria da dj -SK95 – For You (Da Gifto’s Revisit)

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