Avon, the world’s number one fragrance company*, has introduced a new fragrance to its already famed Far Away brand that will, for the first time, let perfume lovers experience a modern, brighter interpretation of the liquid gold of Middle Eastern perfumery – White Oud, which is kilo for kilo more expensive than gold!

Far Away Splendoria is the newest, most glamourous member to join the original Avon Far Away family. With their rich blends and luscious scent profiles, the unforgettable Far Away fragrances spark possibilities and spritz you away to all things glamour.

Nelly Hachem-Ruiz, an award-winning perfumer and one of the three talented trio which include Nicolas Beaulieu and Julien Rasquinet who co-crafted the perfume, says “Far Away Splendoria is a perfume of pure luxury and mystery. It’s a mesmerising escape into the splendour of the Middle East landscapes. It is intriguing, sophisticated, and luxurious. It combines an exclusive Oud accord with enticing vanilla, to provide an alliance of two addictive nodes that take you further.”

In an exclusive dinner to launch Far Away Splendoria locally, Avon flew in Nelly Hachem-Ruiz and hosted a handful number of guests who included popular lifestyle influencers Lee Legobane (Thickleyonce), Lungile Thabethe, Lerato Kgamanyane, Kamo Modisakeng, Katinka Oosthuizen, Thandi Gama, radio host Pamela Mtanga and actress Leandu Du Randt amongst others.

Guests were blindfolded and blind tested two fragrances scents before choosing their favourite. One was Far Away Splendoria and the other a high end luxury perfume 14 times more expensive than Far Away Splendoria. To ensure credibility of the results, Avon invited an audience of Beauty Influencers to participate. 

The majority of the guests chose Far Away Splendoria as unforgettable and glamorous. This validates a recent blind test conducted in the UK amongst 211 participants which proved that that 9 out of 10 women voted for and chose Avon Splendoria over a premium, more expensive fragrance.**

Thandi Gama, an avid perfume collector who is always on the search for a new scent, says “I was drawn to Far Away Splendoria because it was a scent I had never encountered before. The nodes were distinct and unique, and it exuded a luxurious scent worthy of strangers asking what you are wearing. That to me is important as I always want to stand out and smell different when I step into a room.” 

Momin Hukamdad, Executive Director: Commercial Marketing at Avon Justine, adds “we are excited that we are able to offer our customers unbeatable value by offering a premium, luxury product at a price that is affordable taking into consideration the tough climate we’re facing. Aside from the high end quality of our beauty and personal care products, people #ChooseAvon because of the appealing an aspirant proposition we offer to the everyday woman.”

Far Away Splendoria (R279) is available for purchase on Avon’s Online store (my.avon.co.za), AvonON App, on its digital store my.avon.co.za or through an Avon Representative. The full Far Away range can be viewed here.

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  • Gaynor Copp
    December 26, 2022

    I’m a huge fan of far away had rebel and I also had rebel and diva and I have the splendoria and I also have far away can’t speak highly enough of these perfumes

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