Do Beauty Your Way with Avon & reap the benefits of a growing beauty and personal care industry

With Africa’s beauty and personal care market expected to grow by $1.26 billion, and 53% of this growth expected to originate from South Africa by 2025*, Avon Justine is on a drive to put South Africa’s beauty entrepreneurs in good stead to benefit economically from the growth of the market with the flexibility of doing beauty their way.

“As a leading beauty and personal care company, Avon Justine has been at the forefront of harnessing the entrepreneurial spirit of millions of women around the world and giving them the earnings opportunity for decades,” Mafahle Mareletse, Managing Director for Avon Turkey, Middle East & Africa. “Avon Justine is once again allowing South Africans to benefit fully from the economic prospects of a growing industry.”  

Economists and experts agree that entrepreneurship has the potential to stimulate economic growth and generate much-needed economic opportunities. The increasing digitisation of the economy has opened up unprecedented opportunities for aspiring micro-businesses to leverage the ubiquity of online platforms to market their businesses beyond their geographical confines.

“It is for this reason what we are enabling prospective Representatives to take advantage of the flexible opportunity that Avon provides to do Beauty Your Way,” adds Mareletse. “Whether one works full-time or part-time, works from home or is just simply passionate about beauty, our digital channels allow anyone to do Beauty their Way anytime, anywhere. Being an Avon Representative provides an opportunity to earn an income, by selling high quality, affordable beauty and personal care products with integrated support from the company.”

However, many aspiring entrepreneurs are dissuaded from starting their business by the capital outlay required or the hassle that comes with starting a business. Avon Justine is aware of these challenges hence it makes it very easy for micro entrepreneurs to realise their own ambitions.

The company has already put in place an online registration platform that automates the process of joining Avon to do Beauty Your Way. The online registration platform has enhanced Avon’s lead management process by removing the manual application, registration and account set up process and replacing it with a one-stop automated solution where new Representatives are registered and assigned immediately to Avon Business Owners who sign them up for success by providing them with all the necessary tools and resources to start earning from sales of Avon products.

Avon has also launched an Online recruitment campaign to attract new Representatives. The campaign uses digital intel to identify digital savvy Representatives who are actively seeking opportunities to earn an income and automatically links them to Business Owners through the automated registration platform.

This simply means you can join Avon your way through our digital channels that allow you to register and appoint yourself as a Representative without the hassle of paperwork.

With the ability to do Beauty Your Way with Avon, Representatives are able to do business anywhere and everywhere, never missing an opportunity to source and close a sales lead. With the Avon ON App, Representatives can sell, place and manage orders, and market to prospective customers using crisp content for their social media platforms.

Mareletse concludes by saying: “Personal care products will always be in demand regardless of the economic environment. Aspiring micro-entrepreneurs can take comfort that they are part of an international brand that has 135 years of experience in the beauty industry. They can also be proud that they are part of a global movement that harnesses the power of beauty and its brand to champion causes against gender-based violence and breast cancer across the countries it operates in,” Mareletse concludes.

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