Having catered to women’s needs over the years with the core value of celebrating the beauty and diversity of each and everybody, Foschini has continuously made it easier for women to stay on trend without losing their unique sense of style. The iconic All Woman fashion and beauty brand has been dressing fashionable South African women for almost 100 years, supporting women to create a better future.

Making Foschini the perfect home for Luella – a brand which many women have come to appreciate for its elegant pieces that can stand the test of time in style and quality.

Throughout the years, Luellas’ brand heritage and success has been born in Footwear and Handbags. Now with their latest collection, presented to consumers just in time for the warmer season where everyone is anticipating something new. Luella is excited to present a clothing capsule designed with the graceful and always stylish woman in mind.

A woman who is affluent in all aspects, who directs her fashion sense with the same stride as her hopes and dreams, inciting all around with her allure. She is a born stunner who conventionally turns heads – with every piece of the collection reflecting who she really is.

Luella thoughtfully considered each capsule piece, designed a collection inspired by the bold essence of the confident and opulent South African woman.

And treated guests to an experiential evening that brought the collection to life; reflecting the undoubtedly elegant and subtle beauty that consumers have come to love about Luella. It is also through the luxurious brand that Foschini is now able to present a premium lifestyle offering stemming from the success of its Footwear, Handbags and Accessories ranges.

With a special curated evening, guests left the event having understood the core of the collection. Understanding and appreciating that It’s about easily fitting into the opulent woman’s closet and complimenting her style – without changing the aesthetics that those around her have come to love her for.

Accompanying the beauty of the collection was the presence of Luella’s own signature fragrance.  Luellas’ new and exclusive perfume which will exclusively be gracing Foschini stores at the end of September, with guests having the opportunity to try out the fragrance that was also added to the goodie bag.

Luella clothing capsule and Fragrance have been designed, curated, and manufactured locally in keeping with the Foschini values of supporting local industries and communities.

Visit Foschins’  website ( and Foschini’s Instagram page @FoschiniSA to shop the new premium capsule collection and see what you can expect from Luella’s latest offering.

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