Women in South Africa have lived with the burdens of being homemakers, caregivers, working mothers, and career makers without much support. Enter Timera Love – a life coach focused on personal training and physical health. While the pressures of daily life can get us down, Timera Love is in the industry of self-improvement, harnessing and elevating her professional identity to be that of a trustworthy and ‘wholistic’ guide through your physical, spiritual, and mental wellness.

As a public speaker, life coach, fitness trainer, model and social media content creator, she knows what women need to find balance.

Guided by the principles of mastering the self, Create Her Community supports its members through their transformation journey to success and wellness. Timera is a self-assured woman, who values free thinking and sharing. She stands firm in her beliefs, and she’s ever-expanding on her views, while still embracing intimacy and privacy. Authenticity and self-mastery are the values at her core.

Despite women making up just over half of the population, they remain relatively unrepresented in many facets of life. The Industrial Development Corporation raises a discussion around how women’s responsibilities and a lack of support at home are often major obstacles to their success in and outside of their homes and at work. This results in fatigue and lack of focus in many aspects of daily life. Therefore, women in this country need a support system that understands the unique hurdles women have in navigating life in South Africa. It is by supporting women holistically – in mind, body, and spirit that Create Her aims to start a movement to fill the gap in this space.

Women at any stage of life or career can join the community and be part of the community along with friends and family to begin their healing, wellness, and supportive journey.

Both Timera and Create Her have undergone a lot of development, guided by the principles of wellness and community, and she will continue to bring together all the ways in which women helping women can become a reality.

On the 11th of February, Timera hosted a special soft launch media event to commemorate the ‘Month of Love’ with the debut of the Create Her platform at Virgin Active Alice Lane Collection Club in Sandton, Johannesburg.

Create Her is working on some new and exciting developments which will be launching soon in the next few months and the platform will also continue to host more exclusive events across the country where members will have an opportunity to be a part of live interactive and uplifting experiences.

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