Embark on an aerial adventure as National Geographic (DStv 181 Starsat 220) premieres a captivating new season of Europe from Above on Wednesdays at 21:00 (CAT) from 14 June. 

Luxembourg City’s Constitution Square lights up for Christmas. (National Geographic for Disney)

From record-breaking Benelux engineering projects to a glittering Mediterranean Christmas in Malta and a puffin rescue project in the Nordic country of Iceland, this all-access aerial documentary lays bare the traditions, innovations and engineering breakthroughs that continue to shape these great modern nations today.

Filmed exclusively from an aerial perspective, Europe’s fascinating landscapes are explored from a bird’s eye view on a journey through the skyline that reveals unseen splendour. Exploring Europe’s most picturesque, remarkable and enchanting regions, episodes of Europe From Above S5 include:


This spectacular aerial tour reveals the Mediterranean region as it has never been seen before. Flying cameras uncover the mesmerizing symmetry of Italy’s iconic beach umbrellas, and soar over Croatia’s loneliest lighthouse. We’ll take a look at Spain’s unique ‘human tower’ tradition, and witness the transformation of Malta’s capital, as the city counts down the days until Christmas.

Spanish Islands

This spectacular aerial tour reveals the Spanish Islands as drone cameras soar over the Canaries, revealing Europe’s foremost astronomical observatory, and a unique vineyard thriving in the shadow of a volcano. We’ll explore the Balearic Islands’ iconic gothic cathedral as it towers over the harbour of Palma in Mallorca and visit a summer festival of fire.

British Islands

Soaring above the islands of Great Britain, our flying cameras uncover a jaw-dropping beach airport in the Outer Hebrides, a vibrant flower parade on Jersey and the secrets of an island where cars are banned. We’ll take a trip on the world’s oldest tram and take in a spectacular Viking fire festival that lights up the winter skies of the Shetlands.


This spectacular aerial voyage shows us the Benelux region from a breath-taking perspective. Flying cameras reveal the exquisite colours of a giant flower carpet coming to life in Brussels, they capture the complex cargo operations at the port of Antwerp-Bruges, discover how the world’s biggest storm barrier operates, and soar along as the world’s biggest kite takes to the skies.


This outstanding aerial journey shares an elevated perspective of the Alps. Aerial cameras soar over the Italian Dolomite peaks during a mountain top summer concert, plunge into the valleys of the Swiss Alps alongside cows transported via cable car and reveal an Austrian custom for reawakening Spring. Continuing the exploration of the Alpine region, we share an elevated perspective of ‘sardine’ fishing and a snowy hot air balloon ride unlike any other.


This spectacular aerial journey reveals the Nordics from a majestic height. Drone cameras soar over the Swedish Archipelago during an extraordinary competition, fly with extreme sheep herders in the Faroe Islands and reveal a curious collection of people in Finland. We’ll explore the five nations in the Nordic region, from the construction of the world’s longest continuous staircase to a magical festive parade unlike any other.

The first two seasons of Europe from Above are currently available to view on Disney+. 

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