As the skies darken, the winds get stronger, the air gets drier and the weather is colder – we all prepare to welcome Winter. Have you thought how the colder environments affects your skin? Winter may be hard on your skin, especially your V-area (inner thighs, buttocks and bikini line) which can become increasingly dry, itchy and rough. 

Shaista Sophia, Medical Pharmacist and Founder of South Africa’s first intimate skincare range SKINSTEM™ explained that many women suffer from the effects of Winter on the V-area.

This is because the dry Winter months can deprive the body greatly of moisture, causing skin cracking and dehydration. As a result, the V-area may also dry out. There are a few ways to combat the problem entirely, or manage it at the onset.” 

Tip #1 

Take a warm shower. Avoid taking steaming hot showers. The hotter the water is, the more oil and moisture gets removed from your skin. Additionally, a long shower can also take a toll on your skin health by causing skin dryness and affecting your entire V-area negatively. 

Tip #2 

Wear cotton underwear. This also applies to tight clothing. Remember your V-area is hidden under clothes for 99 percent of your day. By wearing undergarments of a breathable material like cotton and loose-fitting clothes you allow your V-area to naturally ventilate which is good for your skin health as well as your vaginal health. Do not opt for heavy, synthetic, and unbreathable fabrics that can further make you uncomfortable.

Tip #3

Remember to exfoliate two to three times a week. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells that may appear from increased dryness of the skin. Through regular exfoliation, you are able to maintain smooth and clear skin as well as remove or prevent those dreaded ingrown hairs. 

Tip #4 

Always use a moisturiser suitable for your V-area. This area of your body has sensitive, thin and easily irritated skin – you want to minimise irritation to the area from clothes rubbing on it throughout the day as well as ensure that the area is hydrated at all times. The V-Cream is a gentle, light-weight moisturiser formulated to target pigmentation and uneven skin tone with brightening properties and hydrate the skin. 

Tip #5

Use a serum. Yes, there are serums for your V-area. We all know that serums are formulated to seep deeper into the skin and this is why you need one for your bikini line. With shaving, waxing and dry skin – you may experience lack lustre and dull skin, perhaps hyperpigmentation and scarring. The V-Exfoliator formulated Nutri Peptides, Hydrolysed Collagen, , Salicylic Acid, Vitamin C, and Aloe Vera is able to absorb deep into your skin to restore and brighten the area for an overall healthy appearance. 

“During the winter season, the best thing you can do to your skin and your vulva is to be gentle and use products that you know your skin will love. By using products specifically made for your V-area, you’ll be able to maintain a healthy ecosystem down there and eliminate any discomfort that your intimate area may experience. Besides that, keeping your skin healthy and happy during the Winter season will also prevent you from having to deal with horrible skin reactions and troubles,” concluded Sophia. 

If you’re looking for effective V-area products, visit All the products are vegan and cruelty free made to reinvigorate the skin in your V-area, leaving you feeling confident, comfortable and providing you with a sense of being carefree

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