With Fathers Day quickly approaching the kids and I thought we would do something different this year, and since I love art and crafts, I suggested we make something more personal and meaningful for him.

Firstly if you are like me and are intimated with products like this and think, “How in the world am I even gonna get started with this? friend you are not alone!!!

The Cricut Joy came highly recommended online, suggesting that these smaller more portable machines are the perfect addition to any art and crafting room. It is cute too and definitely seemed perfect for the job at hand.


Well the Cricut Joy looks like your everyday printer but its so much more. This extraordinary machine draws and cuts out items onto other materials as well like vinyl stickers, cardboard, leather and even fabric.  

With the inclusion of a small precison blade, the Cricut Joy allows you to make great personalised projects including labels for water bottles, storage containers, spices boxes and even individual t-shirts (for the whole family).


After unboxing the cute blue and white baby, I was slightly overwhelmed. Where to even begin, honestly like it was my first time.

Inside the box is the actual Cricut and a power cable. Additionally I got some cutting tools, sample cards and vinyl sticker sheets to experiment with.  I also got the Cricut Easypress Mini as we planned to make dad a tee.

 There was no manual inside the box so I immediately reported to YouTube to get more info. I started by downloading the Cricut app and then set up the Cricut Joy on my desk which was actually very easy. I created an account and got started pretty quickly.

This app is used by all Cricut models which controls the size and project templates. You can set up your own design or download one of the pre-made projects. I decide to start with a simple one already avail to learn how it all works. At first I was intimidated by the millions and millions of designs available but alas we move.

Once you are happy with your design, you simply pair your device (cell phone, laptop or tablet) with the Cricut Joy over WiFi or Bluetooth. Load your material on the tray and the rest is like magic. Its quick and easy, and your project is printed within seconds.

Mastering designs will obviously take some time of course, but as the say practise makes perfect. I did plenty of that, practice after work, on weekends, and even early in the morning when the family is still asleep. It was fun and really gave my mind the relaxation time it needed from the crazy job I do.

Now a month in from our first date, I love her alot, like alot alot. So does my 6 year old who already planned an art and craft day with her cousin this weekend, with ‘our’ Cricut joy.

And just in time for Fathers Day, Dad got a personalised ‘Best Dad Ever’ t-shirt, a coffee mug and of course a beautiful card from the kids (all with assistance with our Maya – she told me to add this).


  • Its compact and sexy allowing you to craft anywhere
  • Super easy to store
  • Its portable making it easy to set up for quick and exciting projects
  • The Cricut Joy App – makes it all so much easier
  • Bluetooth Technology, no additional cords and plugs needed to use it
  • The Price – it’s a lot more affordable than the other models on the market


  • It is slightly limited in comparison to the larger Cricut Maker range, mostly with regards to making bigger projects
  • The paper and other print materials can we quite pricey so work wisely

Have you considered getting a Cricut yet? The Joy is a great start with an awesome arts and crafts relationship. 

I say just do it! Thank me later! Cricut Shop

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