After 21 years of making South Africans laugh, Stephen Francis and Rico, the creators of Madam & Eve are preparing something new. There’s the cartoon strip, the books, the award-winning television sitcom and now, get ready for MADAM & EVE, the stage musical.

Well, not just yet. There’s a few things that, as Eve would say, have to ‘be ironed out’ first – like funding. While the Minister of Arts and Culture has generously approved development  fund to get the ball rolling, the creators of Madam & Eve, as well as an acclaimed theatrical team assembled to provide original songs, music and choreography, are asking for your support and, in return, an opportunity to be a part of the first-ever crowd-funded musical in South Africa! Discussions are underway with Tsogo Sun to stage the Johannesburg run at The Lyric Theatre, Gold Reef City later this year. Another of South Africa’s most established theatres, the Port Elizabeth Opera House is enthusiastic about hosting this all South African musical.

The much loved daily satirical piece that is very much a part of our lives is being transformed into a ‘feel good’ musical to celebrate the diverse cultural heritage that makes up this country’s great “rainbow nation” as it captures the mood of society through an entertaining mix of music and laughter. To properly fund the musical, we need your help. We have teamed up with, South Africa’s leading crowd-funding café, to raise R2 million! For those unfamiliar with crowdfunding, it’s a unique and successful ways of raising money for important projects, with built-in incentives for all contributions. In addition, contributions will assist in development, community and relationship building, empowerment, job creation and special ‘talent searches’ to discover new theatrical talent.

“We’ve had sponsors in the corporate and theatrical communities that have contributed millions in order to bring shows like “Mamma Mia!” to South Africa. Isn’t it time that we begin exporting world-class musicals instead of ‘importing’ them?” says Stephen Francis, “Let’s show what ‘proudly South African’ really means – and at the same time, you will take the credit for a bold step; of not just ‘supporting’ theatre, but encouraging the creation of a new South African musical – stacking the deck in our favour with the best talent, combined with the necessary funding for a real commitment –and a show based on characters we’ve loved for the last two decades – a love letter to our great rainbow nation.”

To make things easy for fans and contributors, the Madam & Eve theatrical ‘team’ have launched a special campaign on Thundafund with additional information at

From one hundred rand to a million rand, there are various opportunities for you to join in and make this musical happen PLUS you’ll be rewarded with a special “perk” set according to pre-determined rand values. Contributions in varying denominations of R100, R250, R500, R1000 and R5000 are represented by one of the much-loved Madam & Eve characters; each with their own special reward such as Mother Anderson’s R250 “Not for Gin!” pledge. In appreciation for this generous contribution you will receive a special edition musical poster personally signed by the creators and the cast. Supporting Eve’s ‘R1000 Increase’ pledge  earns you and your guest complimentary tickets to Madam & Eve The Musical valued at R1000. The more you contribute the bigger the reward! It’s a win-win for you AND the musical. Whether you are keen to part with just a few rand or a larger amount, your contribution is much appreciated.

So, if Madam & Eve has made you laugh during the past 21 years, maybe it’s time to give a little something back — for the arts — and for Madam, Eve and Mother Anderson. And if all goes well, they’ll be singing and dancing your way sometime soon… The best part being YOU made it happen. To become involved simply log on to today! Mother Anderson, Madam and Eve are waiting to welcome you to their musical! ENDS

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