Getting older comes with its own set of challenges, where you may not be feeling as strong and energized as you used to. Generally, one tends to sometimes feel as if your body is giving up on you, and you don’t have the muscle strength to get back on your feet. So how can you help your body maintain muscle and stay strong regardless of how many candles are on your birthday cake? The answer: Good nutrition, exercise and a little-known compound called “HMB”.

Major muscle loss can begin as early as your 40s with healthy individuals experiencing muscle loss of up to eight percent per decade! The muscle loss becomes more drastic when you reach the age of 70 with people experiencing up to 15% muscle loss per decade. Your body may lose muscle even faster if you have a poor diet and have an inactive lifestyle. Over time major muscle loss can reduce your strength, energy and movement. Major muscle loss has also been linked to reduced immunity, an increased risk of falling and overall poor health. These conditions can be to blame for disabilities people experience later in life.

So how can you help your body maintain muscle and stay strong as you get older?

Eat More Protein and watch your vitamin D levels: Every muscle in your body is made up of protein. But as you get older, your body requires more protein to build the same amount of muscle, since the body becomes less effective at processing protein. Vitamin D further assists to build and maintain strong muscles. Lower levels of Vitamin D can impact muscle strength.

Be more active: Include resistance training in your routine to help maintain muscle strength and aerobic exercise to keep your muscles healthy and your heart strong. Exercise between 30 and 60 minutes a few times a week to keep your muscles in tip-top shape.

Up Your Levels of HMB: You probably haven’t heard of HMB, also known as beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate. HMB is a natural compound that is vital to your muscle health. Your body produces HMB when it breaks down leucine, an amino acid that comes from protein-rich foods. HMB is also naturally present in foods such as avocado and grapefruit. HMB tells your body to preserve your existing muscle cells, especially when your body is under stress that can cause muscle loss. It also supports additional muscle growth and encourages faster post-exercise muscle recovery after those resistance and aerobic sweat sessions.

Your body needs three grams of HMB a day which is the equivalent of 6000 avocados! If eating 6000 avocados per day seems excessive, do not despair. There is an oral nutritional supplement that can help meet your nutritional needs for HMB in just two servings per day.

Ensure® NutriVigor is a nutritional supplement scientifically designed to help support muscle health and healthy body weight. Ensure® NutriVigor has a unique system of ingredients including Acti-HMB, protein and vitamin D which have been proven to rebuild muscle and strength naturally lost over time.

Ensure® NutriVigor may also be prescribed for people that have increased nutritional needs and where muscle health is important for recovery. This may include people who are ill, hospitalized or even bed ridden. For a standard serving add 6 level scoops of Ensure® NutriVigor to 190 ml of water and stir thoroughly till dissolved. Two servings of Ensure® NutriVigor per day will provide the daily recommendation of three grams of HMB.

“Our bodies produce less HMB as we age that is why consuming more of it through diet and supplements becomes even more important each year”, adds Angela Russell. Keeping your whole body strong and healthy year-round means, you can maintain your independence at any age, even if you’re recovering from an illness, injury or surgery. Remember, it’s never too late to live your best life, no matter what life brings you.

Ensure® NutriVigor is available at major retail pharmacies.

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