As a parent, I want the assurance that my children are healthy and growing to their full potential. It’s crazy that as much as I want them to have a healthy lifestyle, I often give into their whinnying and nagging when they spot their ‘unhealthy’ favourites in the store aisle.

As a mother of 2, I am well aware that when my children are picky eaters it prevents them from receiving the necessary nutrients, they need to have a healthy balanced diet. Especially, when I look at how well other children eat when their mothers give them vegetables and any other healthy option available out there. I instantly feel guilty that I might be the reason they aren’t getting all the nutrients they need.

It’s been a couple of months since I started using PediaSure and I will admit, I am feeling a lot less guilty.

What’s also reassuring is that I don’t think I am the only parent who has these concerns. However, before I concluded this, I first had to do my research on what these concerns would entail. Needless to say, I was quite disheartened with the information I found.

The Research 

Studies that have been done show that now more than ever nutritional concerns have to be addressed in South Africa. What’s even more surprising is that malnutrition is a concern in both low- and high-income households. I was even more shocked to find out that UNICEF revealed that almost 1 in 3 South African children under 5 is stunted. Which means 1 in 3 children across South Africa, not just in the public health sector are malnourished and are not eating and growing well.

So, one could only understand why I panicked and reached out to moms and Paediatricians for some advice and their opinions on how I could do better for my children.

And this is what I concluded.

Most parents have 3 main concerns namely; that their child is a picky eater, that they have a poor appetite and lastly that they continue to miss school because they are sick all throughout the year.

And I know many of us as parents don’t know how to resolve these issues.

The Solution: PediaSure

When I heard about Pediasure and that it has been clinically proven to not only improve dietary diversity, but to improve appetite and increase physical activity in just 4 weeks. I was more than certain that it would give me the assurance that I needed when it came to my children’s health. 

Musa eats just about anything and everything all day, and to curb this concern I added Pediasure to his diet. Now I know he will be getting at least 26 vital nutrients that he needs to grow.

Two months in, Musa has not been sick yet! I on the other hand have suffered from a recurring flu and I am at the brink of adding PediaSure to my diet after the results I have seen.

Musa is always bragging about the taste, he loves it so much that he told his cousins to try it over the holiday and they ended up loving it just as much!

I give him 2 glasses every weekday, one in the morning and one at night and on the weekends he has 1 glass a day.

All I can say is I am a happy Mommy!

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