Global technology leader Xiaomi unveiled the latest edition of its best-selling wearable product line: the Mi Smart Band 6 last month.

Built on Xiaomi’s global AIoT strategy, Mi Smart Band 6 empowers users to also stay one step ahead in adopting a more active lifestyle and becoming a better version of themselves.

Getting caught up with brands we know and are familiar with, is indeed so limiting. Having used the same brand for years and years being frustrated, I finally stepped out of my ‘comfort’ zone to try something new on the market. I got my hands on one of these babies convinced I would probably not like it. It’s been a week now and all I can say is that I am sold. I wont be dealing with knowns for the sake of comfort.

The piece of technology is simply magic with everything I need to know and oh so much more that I didnt think I need to know but now I am happy I do.


A week in, and the battery is still half full.

Endless information to keep you updated on everything

The strap is comfortable and doest easily fall off as did my previously favourite brand.

The screen is colourful which really does cheer me up.

It’s affordable and won’t cost you a car installment.

My new fav fav….

If you don’t believe me, get one for yourself. You will thank me later.

Here is all the technically information:

1.56’’ Stunning Full Screen Touch Display

Built upon a long legacy of functional style, the all-new Mi Smart Band 6 is upgraded with a stunning 1.56’’ large full screen AMOLED touch display. The unique, running-track-shaped screen offers 326PPI crystal-clear resolution and approximately 50% more screen space than its predecessor, providing users with unprecedented visibility for quick viewing of key stats and daily notifications when on the go or during an intense workout. It also supports customisable band faces with over 60 themes for you to play with and personalise for your everyday style.

Extensive Choice of Exercise Modes

Designed with a fitness tracker at its core, Mi Smart Band 6 doubles its fitness mode options to include a total of 30 fun and challenging workout types. Users can now enjoy more indoor training like stretching and HIIT, try out professional sports like gymnastics, or even play with fun activities, such as Zumba and street dancing. It also offers auto-detection for 6 common fitness activities to ensure key stats for sporadic bouts of activity throughout the day are accurately recorded and factored into daily activity metrics.

All-encompassing Health Tracking Features

Mi Smart Band 6 takes your day-to-day health tracking seriously with a host of enhanced health monitoring features. This new edition features SpO2 measurement, accurate heart rate monitoring, as well as an enhanced sleep tracking function that monitors naps, sleep cycles including REM and sleep breathing quality. The product also comes with stress monitoring, a deep breathing guidance function, as well as female health tracking to provide users with comprehensive health insights into their body and lifestyle.

The perfect workout companion, Mi Smart Band 6 provides 14 days of battery life and a handy magnetic port for quick clip-on and clip-off charging. Certified to 5 ATM water resistance, Mi Smart Band 6 can be worn when swimming, snorkeling, and even showering. The device comes with soft and comfortable straps.

The Specs and everything else you need to know:

No.1 wearable band brand in the world

Full screen 1.56″ display

+50% display area

60+ built-in band displays specially designed for the full screen, which can be easily seen by raising the wrist.

AMOLED display – 326 ppi, comparable to smartphone displays

30 fitness modes – Automatic recognition of six fitness modes

More health functions to fully understand your physical condition

  • Personal activity intelligence
  • Stress monitoring
  • Breathing exercises
  • Female health tracking

Heart rate monitoring – The built-in PPG biosensor measures your heart rate, keeping track of ups and downs when exercising and resting.

SpO2 tracking – Day & night protection

50 meter water resistance

○  Can be worn while swimming

○  Automatic stroke recognition

14-day extra-long battery life – Battery saving mode for extended battery life

Magnetic charging – Direct charging, no need to remove the strap

Retailing at an incredible R799, I am glad I got the Mi Smart Band 6 now. Mine is Black. You can purchase the Mi Smart Band 6 on Takealot now.

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