In 2022, Bernini joined forces with One Voice South Africa (OVSA) to empower women and equip them with the tools they need for workplace preparedness to enable financial freedom.

Bernini believes in the real, natural, and unbound potential of women in South Africa. This purpose drives the brand to support and unite women and provide tangible skills training for their future.

‘South Africa has severe unemployment rates, so we have made a commitment to female empowerment with our renewed partnership with OVSA in 2023.

Seamlessly integrating into the workforce can be challenging, but the training programmes created by the OVSA team provide women with a competitive advantage’, says Paigon Prince, Marketing Manager at Bernini.

OVSA has successfully implemented and facilitated various educational programmes through the Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges. The tailored Entrepreneurship and Workplace Readiness Programme entitled ‘Resetting the Economic Empowerment Clock’ takes female graduates from TVET colleges through transformative learning experiences. These training programmes help them transition from student life into the complexities of the working world.

The programme curriculum includes CV writing, interview techniques, leadership development, teamwork, communication, work ethic, and interpersonal skills. Those who have completed the training and wish to start a business or enter formal employment are also linked to ongoing mentorship support through digital applications.

‘Our training programme helps women master the soft skills necessary to grow confidently. The ever-shifting world of work has made it harder for them to adapt from student life to working life. Partnering with Bernini enables us to continue this work and help these women achieve their dreams. Staying up to date with the rapid technological and digital transformations is critical to success in the world of work. These women dream of a future where they can support their family and potentially run their own business’, says Marlijn van Berne Managing Director at One Voice South Africa.

‘Bernini and OVSA have a shared purpose of creating financial freedom for women, and we are very excited about the possibilities created by this partnership.’’ concludes Paigon Prince, Marketing Manager at Bernini.

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