In time for October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Avon is encouraging women and men to #breastlove by promoting breast examinations as part of self-care routines, raising awareness about the importance of early detection and recognising the signs.

As a brand committed to supporting women to live healthy and fulfilled lives, Avon is a long-time advocate of causes and issues that have an impact on female health and wellbeing. Breast cancer is, of course, a major concern in this regard, prompting the company to make its Breast Cancer Promise: “We are committed to making sure that every woman – and man – understands the importance of taking care of their breasts,” explains the company’s Bridget Bhengu, Head of Communications-TMEA. “This not only means understanding which symptoms to look out for, but also making sure that they actively look out for these signs by checking their breasts regularly and going for scans.”

This is especially important, as the Boob Census launched by Avon globally reveals that as many as 32% of women around the world do not get their breasts checked by a medical professional once a year. Moreover, 23% of those who took part in the survey admitted that they may not be able to identify breast cancer symptoms. This is all the more concerning, given that the National Cancer Registry estimates that one in 26 South African women are at risk of developing the disease.

Feel the #breastlove aims to put an end to this lack of awareness with a simple message that underscores the importance – and ease – of regular self-examination, which allows for early detection of symptoms and can save lives. “Self-care is an issue that has come under the spotlight in recent years, and we’re here to point out that breast care is just one more facet of self-care. It takes very little effort to incorporate a breast examination into your regular self-care regime.” The campaign helps by integrating breast care into a three-part self-care routine: First, relax and recharge with a face mask before you face the world. Now it’s time to focus on your body: create your own indulgent spa at home with an indulgent massage and your favourite pampering products (of course, Avon offers a large range of treatments that fit the bill perfectly). Finally, it’s time for that breast examination: avonworldwide.com/booblove provides a detailed guide to checking one’s breasts, along with a description of warning signs, including nipple crusting, change of colour, change of size or shape, discharge, inversion, lumps and inflammation.

“It has been 30 years since we first made our Breast Cancer Promise, and we are very proud of the impact we have made during this time,” Bhengu states, noting that in addition to launching an annual breast awareness campaign, Avon has donated to organisations that play a critical role in providing research and support for people affected by and infected with the disease. These include the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA), Wings of Hope, Journeysys and Look Better…Feel Better.

“It is an enormous privilege for us to be able to join these vital organisations in this impactful and important work,” Bhengu says. “Most of us have a friend, loved one or acquaintance who has been touched by this disease. We know that with every customer, Rep and Consultant who changes their behaviour as a result of Feel the #breastlove – whether by being more vigilant about their own breast care regime or by opening conversations on the topic – we are taking one step closer to winning the battle against breast cancer. Each of us has the potential to make a difference,” Bhengu concludes.

Together we’ve donated US$951 million to breast cancer worldwide.

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